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  • Headlights Out - 83 Wagoneer - Appreciate Help

    Headlights (both low and high beam) not working today. Tails, parking, interior, plus horn, radio, etc. all working fine. Headlight units themselves are functional (tested in other vehicle). I tried replacing the floor hi/lo dimmer switch and cleaning the connector to that switch -- no change. I do have current to the hot (red) wire to the floor switch when I pull on headlight switch. (Although the current is intermittent -- but I think that's just because I'm not always producing a solid circuit when jamming my test light in there). I don't see a fuse spot in the under-dash panel related to headlights -- perhaps I'm missing something?

    Would appreciate any expert guidance. I'm an idiot with electrical stuff, so please speak s-l-o-w and dumb it way down.

    Many thanks!

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    Clean up the Black Ground Wires on the headlamp connectors. You indicate that you have voltage at the Beam Selector, and that you have replaced it.

    So, that leaves either open power wires to the headlamps or grounds because the you indicate that the parking lights are functiona

    The black wires on the headlight connectors splice into the ground wire for the parking lights. If the parking lights are good, and the Hi/Low beam selector switch have voltage on it, there is just a few things that it could be.

    Eliminate the simplest things to check, then you will be left with the problem by elimination.
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      Thanks and resolved

      Joe G - thanks for your super helpful and detailed post.

      Turned out to just be a defective switch in the dash. On my 83 it's the old pull kind -- rotate for interior/dash lights (worked), pull out halfway for running lights (worked), pull out all the way for headlights (corroded/fried). Replaced the switch and I'm back in business -- and passed inspection for the LAST time in NC, as the state exempts vehicles 35+ years old