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roller rockers o stamped?

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  • roller rockers o stamped?

    Going on a bone stock 401.
    I managed to break two bridges taking the heads off before I realized what I was doing wrong, so I need at least two bridges. The pivots on the others are a bit worn, too.
    So... Replace two bridges + pivots,
    replace the whole shebang (with rockers) for $80 or so,
    or go to Summit brand steel roller rockers ??
    I think in addition to the rockers I'd need studs, yes? Anything else involved in the swap?
    I realize that there won't be any horsepower gained on a stock motor but the reliability of new parts..?

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    $$ to machine heads for studs, you can't just screw studs in replacing the bolts.
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      Well that decides it. I'll replace bridges & pivots, clean the rockers & call it done. New pushrods already in hand.


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        Scorpion makes roller rockers that fit the AMC bridged head. Member Polarfire used them in his J10 360 rebuild. They were very nice.

        However, longer pushrods were needed to make the roller rockers work so consider new pushrods as a necessary additional expense.

        So maybe it is true that the roller rockers are an expensive option with little potential gain in HP but words can't describe how nice Polarfire's engine went together with those rockers. He has been running that FSJ problem free now for at least a couple years.

        I don't know how your thought process works but the way I justify unnecessary stuff like that is by doing my own work and figuring that most people would spend a ton more money on labor then I will ever spend. Then there is the aspect of keeping the Jeeps Gods happy. That is important too.
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