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  • gear vendor overdrive

    Has anyone installed a gear vendor overdrive unit? I'm thinking of putting one on my grand wagoneer but it looks like the fuel tank might be in the way. Thanks

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    Last I checked GV doesn't make one for Jeep apps. Even if they did it'd be crazy expensive. To replace the unit in my F-250(w/T-19 trans and BW1345 tcase) is $3000.
    If you've got low enough axle gearing to benefit from OD I'd explore other options beside GV. Best option if money/mpgs is a concern change your driving habits and just buy gasoline. Short of going a dsl swap($$$), nothing you do/money spent is going to get your 4500 lb square box up to Toyo Corolla mpgs. These rigs are what they are...
    Good luck.
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      I installed on on a 55 chevy nomad for a guy I have to say it was nice to have 6 gears at least as a novelty but for the money a 7004r or 4l60e is the way to go.


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        It's actually a gear splitter. The one for an 80 Dodge with 727 will bolt in BUT only be useful in 4wheel drive (and not accounting for fuel tank clearances) It's easier to get a '91 up Jeep XJ AW4 trans and wire in the controller. It'll need a customized transmount (I'm pretty sure I can use the 6 cyl mounting spot for the OEM crossbar and a plate of steel to take up the difference) and 1" spacer/clocking ring between the trans and tcase.
        In a couple months I'll be doing that with the Honcho and my 304 (already have the rebalanced AW4 flexplate)
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          I called gear vendors and they have a unit that will fit on to a np208, thats the transfer case I an going to use, the only issue is clearance with the gas tank, I'm going to have to measure it again. They said the unit is 13 inches long and 6 inches wide. I wanted to get some kind of overdrive for it because I will be driving it over long distances pulling a small travel trailer. The gear vendor unit would be nice with the extra gearing. I checked with advanced adaptors about instaling a 700r4 but by the time you get an adaptor for the motor and the transfer case its alot more money and I have installed a 700r4 trans before on an AMC motor a was not real happy with the adaptor.


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            My projected list of costs to put in an AW4 from '91 up XJ.

            Flexplate $45 (already have)

            Balance $80 plus shipping (local to me and already done)

            4.0L starter and cables ($45 used) I added a piece of wire from the on starter solenoid to the main terminal with the original starter cable.

            4x4 23 spline AW4 trans $100 all day long around here. (already have 2 of those, a 2wd one and I still need a 21 spline one for my Comanche to replace the one I toasted when the trans cooler was totally blocked from new in my new rad!)

            1" spacer/clocking ring $100 from (already have)

            Modded driveshafts (every place is different. If you're lifting at the same time, it's a one and done thing. About $100 each here but I have a pile of spares to modify)

            Plate of steel for the trans mount and a longer speedo cable. Using the same tcase (AW4 needs 4.5" of more room for length with the adapter ring)

            Throttle position sensor and bracket to go to the V8's carb plus harness and AW4 controller.

            So about $600 plus the controller and wiring, etc or possibly cheaper if you get a '91 to '95 XJ for parts. Wiring harness for the controller can come from an '87 to '90.

            NSS can be wired up or bypassed (if you know enough not to start it in gear with your foot off the brake) along with reverse lights.

            It may be just my opinion (although others have said it too) but the AW4 is stronger than a 700R4. Maybe not as strong as a TH400 but I have moved around loads with my 4.0L MJ that my '82 C20 with 454 struggled with. It just doesn't have enough suspension and braking power as well as oppositional weight to handle a fifth wheel.
            Jeep gauges are for amusement only. Any correlation between them and reality is purely coincidental.


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              When i talked to them they said it would connect to the FORD NP208, not the Jeep.

              I have one in my garage I am going to put on my 73 mustang. Next big project.
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                [quote=will e]When i talked to them they said it would connect to the FORD NP208, not the Jeep.

                I think I'm going to try the gear vendor unit. I measured the area and the unit tapers on the end so it will clear the gas tank. The next problem is to figure out which one will fit. They said they don't list any for jeeps only because they don't sell many for jeeps but they have in the past. I read that the dodge np208 is the match for the jeep but I'm not sure yet. Does anyone know for sure which one it is?


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                  The Jeep NP208 is mirror imaged to the Dodge Ramcharger one.
                  Jeep gauges are for amusement only. Any correlation between them and reality is purely coincidental.


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                    The Dodge 208 is a direct bolt in for the Jeep 208. Same input spline count and bolt pattern. The main differences are the Dodge is a pass drop with different clocking. You will want to check the input length and see if they are different.
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                      That is the same. I have a Dodge one waiting to go into the '68 Travelall if I change my mind on the 290 motor.
                      Jeep gauges are for amusement only. Any correlation between them and reality is purely coincidental.


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                        Thanks for the info. If I get this thing I will let you know how it turns out.


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                          FWIW, about 12 years ago I bought a Gear Vendors for a 4x4 460-powered F-250 I owned. I loved it. I had it in the truck for many years and probably 70K miles, of which very few were driven without a trailer or heavy load in the bed.

                          You can leave it in auto setting or switch to manual to split gears for hauling up grades. It was nice to keep the 4.10 axle gears for the heavy hauling work, but the biggest bonuses were the increased drivability of not whirring that big block at 3,000 rpm in traffic and splitting gears (I used 2nd/over a lot on mountain grades to keep it at 55mph). It was expensive and the fuel savings never paid for the unit, but the increased drivability and utility was worth something.

                          Eventually the Ford started falling apart around the drivetrain so before I got rid of the truck I pulled the GV and sold it separately for about half what I paid for it. They're really durable. My buddy runs one in his 850hp '57 Chevy and uses it to go though the traps at the drag strip in 2nd/over. If you can find a used one chances are it'll be good...and you'll just need to buy the adapter from Gear Vendors to mate to the NP208. Just make sure it's been run with the correct synthetic fluid. They're picky about that.
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