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Had tank red koted. Not sure it was "koted". Pic attached...

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  • Had tank red koted. Not sure it was "koted". Pic attached...

    Okay, so I had my main tank red koted by a radiator shop. He didn't want to touch the aux tank so it is at a fab shop. The attached picture pretty much sucks, but getting the picture of the inside of a tank at night isn't exactly easy

    I took it there thinking it would be cleaned and red koted. To me, it looks like there is exposed rust that wasn't covered can anyone confirm/deny that one?

    '72 J4800

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    Can't tell from the pic but don't look good to me. Coating a tank is generally designed to seal/protect a clean tank from new rust not to cover up an existing rust mess. Only tanks I've done (2) were motorcycle tanks and both I cleaned to shiny bare metal inside before adding the magic goop. One lasted a couple years till I sold the bike and the next owner never complained. The other tank lasted less than a year before sloughing off and clogging the petcock and fuel filter. I'm sure the goop they sell today is better than what I used back then but I'm sure the same basic principles still apply. Tank needs to be ABSOLUTELY CLEAN AND DRY before sealing with magic goop.
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      Thanks, Joe...

      That's what I was afraid of...

      The last thing I want is to replace all of my fuel lines/hoses, drop both tanks, and put them back in just to shoot rust into my carb...
      '72 J4800


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        I can see something red and dripping, but the product should really cover everything, and there should not be any rust before coating the tank.

        I would call them or go back and see what they actually did.

        I can see some what appears to be coating on the sides.

        Looks like it may have been the Hersch tank coat product which is good, but maybe not completely done right.

        You should be able to take the tank in the sun and look inside and tell if its coated and coated 100%.
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