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  • FSJ Newbie build help

    Let me start by tellin you what i have, 1980 wagoneer with a 83' 360,TF727(?), and an np219 transfer case, 44 up front and amc 20 in the rear... I've been doing a fair share of research (at least i think so) on what i think i want to do.... here's my "idea"... edelbrock performance RPM heads and intake matching cam 650cfm thunder series avs carb, suspension wise i really like COLOFIREMAN's stance but i have read a soa/sf are the way to go as far as articulation and smoothness of ride... i have no idea about what all goes into a soa/sf as far as steering an the actual soa, and i don't know about if the trans and transfer case can handle the 480? Hp and 430? Torque i know ill need beefier axles... I'm tryin to fit 35s 38s or more ha and i know i want lockers but what gear ratio drivelines etc....

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    This will be a daily driver and used for road trips, towing, camping etc.....


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      Can't help for the soa, but i'd rather choose 33s or 35s, not 38s, for a daily driver used for road trips.
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        Yea I've read 33s or 35s are a better for driving around but i was in the bigger is better frame of mind ha


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          Good all around would be 35's & 4:56's. SOA will give you about 6" lift with stock springs. Rear would need TT Fab shackle kit. Front steering would need to be addressed as well as driveshaft angles, shocks, brakelines, ect. I wouldn't go any higher especially if you plan to tow with it. The trans should be fine and so should the t-case. Maybe a 208 will be a little stronger? and it will bolt right up.

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            What all is included in the front steering adjustment/changes and driveshaft lengths/angles if i was to just do the soa/sf and run 35s? I'm aware of the extended brakeline and longer shocks but have no clue about the rest


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              That's a good read on FSJ SOA steering solutions.
              One of the bad things about pic's and bulletin boards is people move ISP's, delete pic's or rename them and the images go dead. But it will give you a good deal of info and terminology you can research.
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                Hey, welcome.

                I run 35" tires. It's about as tall as I would want to go for as a daily driver.

                What kind of wheel'n are you planning on doing? What does the budget look like and are you doing to do it 'all at once' or over a period of time?
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                  Thanks for the link tad, and budget wise I'm not real sure ha it mainly depends on the amount of tax return... and the build will be over a rather extended time frame as i work 6 days a week... now as for wheeling ive got rocks, snow, ice, steep inclines and declines, narly deep and narrow mountain stream washouts, sand ad a little mud from time to time


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                    Does anyone have the edelbrock performance heads and matching intake and cam setup oor what is being used for block upgrades?