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Heater hose replacement

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  • Heater hose replacement

    I went to replace the heater hoses on the GW today and what I thought would be a 1/2 job turned into a 2 hour ordeal. First the hoses on the heater core were sealed with some type of foam. I dont know if it was factory or PO. I had to cut the hoses out with a utility knife. Then when I went to replace the hose going into the water pump I had to remove the alt to have enough room to get it in and hold it while I tightened the hose clamp. Why is the nub on the water pump so short? Anyways everything seems to be in order know hopefully that connection on the water pump doesnt pop off.
    1991 GW TFI GM-icm 360 727 np229

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    Sounds normal. This process gives you more time to find oil leaks.
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      Flint is right. That's why whenever I replace a motor I use all NEW heater hoses. I don't want to have to replace that one going to the water pump when the engine and radiator is in the truck!
      Ethan Brady
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        That little nub sucks!
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          Yeah that little guy behind the alt bracket is tricky. I can't remember how I managed to tighten a hose clamp onto it after having forgot to do it before I put the alternator and AC compressor on. I just remember cursing myself for not having planned things better, but I was also to stubborn to take the compressor and alternator back off!
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            Another poor design my AMC. Buick 350's are much more fun to work on.
            Thomas Russell
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              I remember the first time I had to change the radiator hose coming from the water pump on my 360. Boy, did I ever curse at that thing and entertain the neighbors with that one! After I finally got the hose on I stood over it pointing and shouting some nonsence about how it though it was going to get the best of me and I proved it wrong. ....something like that...

              A few years later when installing the new alternator, the alt. got leverage on my wrist and smashed my fingernail between it and the alt. bracket causing a large blood blister under the nail. I now avoid that section of the engine compartment.

              Right up ther with the scar on my right knuckle from something around the transmission crossmember. Warning: FSj undercarriage greese causes scar-making infections.
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                Hmmm... I musta got lucky. I just pushed it on and clamped it in a blind hole.
                Mark B. Jones

                Originally posted by GrandWag&Prix
                Actually, now that I think about it, that could be either awesome or really terrible.

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