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  • Windshield Question

    My windshield wipers make a full rotation
    2 original position and make a clunk sound? Any suggestions?
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    something is loose or the linkage is hitting something.....
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      It's a royal pain to get to but I'd look at the linkage connections under the dash. In time the holes get wallowed out and will get sloppy and/or bind and clunk. Never seen new replacements if worn, you pretty much have to repair the ones ya got.
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        That, or find replacements in better shape. On a good note, the mechanism out of a 87 GW will work on a 79 WT. I've done that swap and aside from getting the parts out of the Waggie, it was fairly simple.
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          could be bushings but some years have the GM style washer pump (attached to the motor) and that clunks like crazy when not adjusted properly
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