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700 R4 Throttle Valve Cable

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  • 700 R4 Throttle Valve Cable


    I have a 86 Grand Waggy with a 700R4 to stock 360. My throttle valve cable from transmission broke recently which only led to my tranny shifting at a few 100 higher I didn't realize it was broken.

    I had the engine rebuilt and whatever mounting system was in place for the cable to my stock motorcraft carb is no longer in place. I have found adpaters for Holly and Eldebrock carbs but nothing for this conversion. Anyone have this same setup that can tell me how I mount a new TV cable or know of an adapter....need to be able to mount the self-adjusting portion of the cable and then attach it to throttle body of carb.


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    Wish I could help more, but you may have to find a donor at a junkyard and adapt it to mount to your engine. I do know the TV cable adjustment is critical to keeping your transmission alive. Good luck! Post up with any solution you come up with, that's a good piece of info to have "out there" for the world at large.
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      There are aftermarket brakets available at the parts store that bolt to a carb stud for the TV cable, they are under $20. Should be in their performance or chrome section.
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