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1988 Grand Wagoneer build thread.

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  • 1988 Grand Wagoneer build thread.

    As purchased in spring of 2010. 120+k miles. Worn out engine but decent body tub. Slow moving restoration and upgrade project very dependent on time and free income. Thus far I am on my 3rd job since beginning this project.

    New-used front bumper

    HEI Swap

    Definition of shade tree

    Installed, running, but fuel line hits and wiring is a mess

    Beginning of fuel line reworking

    Began repairing/replacing front sheet metal

    Temp fuel line

    New valve covers, gaskets, power steering pump, power steering lines, reman'd steering box, and new ball joints

    Coming back together

    Running again with a new fuel pump and rebuilt the PO-installed Edelbrock carb with the proper float levels and spacer. New fuel sock, fuel filler lines, sealed floor pans, and sealed skid plate

    New winch bumper - Warn Classic

    Remaining parts arrived to complete another revision of the fuel line (going along the firewall this time). Making a set of proper fitting plug wires. Rewiring the ignition system between the battery and ignition switch.

    Yet to do.

    - paint (have new window wipes, roof rack and door handle gaskets waiting)
    - exhaust (jones full boar muffler is here, need new cat and tail pipe)
    - motor and transmission mounts (new poly here but not installed)
    - suspension (I have a 2" lift but I am thinking of selling it for a 4" lift)
    - axles (rebuild the front hubs, regear to 3.54s, replace all seals)
    - headliner (have the boards, material and glue, waiting for repaint to install)
    - Front seats (Bestop Trailmax II Pro's are on my wish list)
    - carpet (new carpet kit from BJ's + dynomat)
    - Front bumper (working on fabbing up brackets, then off to power coater)
    - Engine (looking for a good, used engine)
    - Wheels (keeping the stockers,complete strip and polish)
    - Tires, 32" AT's of some sort
    1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

    1996 T100 SR5

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    Nice Wagoneer, good project and start (good luck with the jobs!).

    Something to add to the to-do list:
    • Remove stickers from rear quarter windows
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      Haha, they're gone.
      1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

      1996 T100 SR5


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        mav, very nice build sir!
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          I didn't think warn made bumpers for fsjs anymore


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            'New to me' would have been more correct. Actually came off a full sized Ford of some sorts. The way those bumpers are made they appear to be fairly easily modified being all bolted together. You can even change the length and width via the winch plate.

            Thanks for the compliment Billyrb. It's got a long way to go yet.
            1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

            1996 T100 SR5


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              Can't wait to see the bumper in action! Now I'm really starting to wish I'd kept Make me proud! It'll look great painted again.
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                This is cool build. I grew up few minutes south of you in Angier (Family still there). Moving to Goldsboro in Sep.
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                  Man... Its been a crazy few years.

                  Still have the truck. It has a rebuilt 360 in it, .30 over with an RV cam.

                  Sorting through ignition issues. Hoping to move it up to Delaware early next year.
                  1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

                  1996 T100 SR5


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                    Have you mounted that winch bumper yet? I'd be interested to see what you have to do to make the Ford bumper fit.

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                      Can we get some new pictures! Really a great looking Grand!

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                        Originally posted by Strode182
                        Have you mounted that winch bumper yet? I'd be interested to see what you have to do to make the Ford bumper fit.

                        Keep plugging' along
                        I haven't yet! But I'm further along. From what I understand, the Warn bumpers are completely component assemblies. So the Ford bumper uses certain frame brackets bolted to the same section as all the other models, and maybe the ears of the bumper are different as well. Technically, it should fit with the Jeep brackets. I have a set of the FSJ Warn brackets off of a roll over. One side is fine, the other side will work for patterns only. Its a good start.

                        I wish I had some new pictures. Its been sitting in the yard at a hot rod builder's shop for close to a year now and looks a bit worse for wear.

                        I also bought a used rough country 3" all spring lift which will be installed at some point.
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                        1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

                        1996 T100 SR5