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    I have an 87 G/W,with a 727 transmission. Can anyone tell me the proper torque for the adjusters? I have a Haynes manual that tells me both are torqued to 72 inch pounds and a service manual on disc that says one is 41 inch pounds and the other is 72. It also says one has a 1/4 hex adjuster and the other has a 5/16, both are 5/16 square socket. Any help? Thanks

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    It's 72 in/lbs.


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      Front Band “727” & “904”: Adjust front band per the following specs - (a) Locate the adjustment
      on the driver side on the outside of the transmission, just ahead of the linkage. (b) You will
      need a 3/4” wrench and an open end 5/16” wrench. Break the locknut loose (3/4” nut). Now
      the locknut, turn the square lug in the center of the locknut with your 5/16” open end wrench. Turn
      wrench clockwise until wrench becomes snug (10 in./lbs.). Make sure the locknut doesn’t move
      while tightening the square lug. (c) Now carefully turn 5/16” wrench counterclockwise 1 1/2 turns.
      Holding the 5/16” wrench, tighten the 3/4” wrench to 35 ft./lbs. (Very Tight). DO NOT allow the
      square lug to move while tightening the 3/4” locknut.
      Rear Band “727”: Tighten adjustment lug 10 in./lbs., back off 2 turns and tighten locknut.
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        You'll need an 11/32 socket that is 12 point to use a torque wrench. Sears was the only place I could find one locally.
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          Wow now I have 3 different ways. Sounds like the 10 inch pound guide is from experience is that the case?


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            Originally posted by TKARAS
            Wow now I have 3 different ways. Sounds like the 10 inch pound guide is from experience is that the case?
            The actual spec (out of the Munroe book) is:
            Front band - tighten to 72"lbs then back off 2 1/2 turns.
            Rear band - tighten to 72"lbs then back off 2 turns.

            I'm sure there are short cuts out there but I don't like confusing people, especially not knowing their technical ability.

            BTW, the rear band isn't a shifting band and you also have to remove the trans pan to adjust it. So unless you are changing the fluid & filter too, just adjust the front one for now.