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Freaking Fracking Bearing race!!!

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  • Freaking Fracking Bearing race!!!

    Hey folks

    I've got a problem... My passenger side rear axle bearing went south a few months back, for the last couple months I've been fighting with it to get the race out... I'm almost at the point of giving up, the race is right now right up to the flange, but won't move any farther.

    Ok, so far I've broken 2 slide hammers, a cold chisel, bent 3 crowbars... And the race is still in there...

    I've tried breaking the race, its not happening... It wont pull out, only way I got it to where it currently rests is by heating up the housing, and prying/hammering on it.

    I need the jeep on the road by thursday. I need ideas, I'm about to get out the oxy acy and a cutting tip, and take my chances... Any suggestions? There aren't many tools I can't get my hands on, any suggestions would be appreciated!


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    The way I got my rear races out was to heat the race with a torch. Take the torch and get a good and red bead on the surface of the race. then quickly et the slide hammer in their and go to town. I wouldn't heat up the actual axle tube and flange. I hope this helps.
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      i just use a die gringer with a carbide bit in it and cut the race on one side then it will slide out
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        The easiest way would be to cut the race and curl it. If you resort to heating the axle to get it out, shoot freon at the race to shrink it. It doesn't give much more room, but sometimes a couple thousandths is all you need.
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          a good heavy bead of weld around the inside of the race will shrink it up so it will come out. This is a good trick when you have to do frt bearings on some fwd cars. You can also use a small cut off wheel in a die grinder to cut and collaspe the race.
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            Took out mine by cutting a section out of it with a Dremel and cut off wheel. Just be careful not to nick the axle tube.
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              Yep, just cut a slice into to it so it can shrink a little. We wind up doing this all the time for our auto shop teacher/students. I agree with not heating the axle tube, this creates stress that gets relieved elsewhere. I'm suprised with all that hammereing you haven't fractured the race yet, even a small crack is usually enough to make it let loose.
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                Thanks for all the help folks! Its finally outta there! We tried the welding the inside this morning, didn't accomplish much. still wouldn't come out... (broke another crow bar, my lead hands this time, thank god [img]smile.gif[/img] )

                Ended up 'borrowing' a gouging torch for the evening (only took 5 minutes luckily). Few minutes of work, and voila! bearing race utterly enhialated! Sweet tool! I want one now!