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Good Jeep Shop Near Seattle?

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  • Good Jeep Shop Near Seattle?

    Hey IFSJ'rs anybody in the Seattle area know a good shop to work on old FSJ's? Obviously it's more fun to do the work on the old GW myself, but sometimes I don't have time, or some things are just a bit above my head. Recently took it to a respected auto shop here in Seattle, but it seemed like I knew far more about the truck than they did. Took me three phone calls to convince them that they didn't have to drop the tank to access the fuel sending unit on an 88 Grand Wagoneer (despite the fact that it takes 30 seconds to tip up the seat and see the access panel). Also, they were having trouble sourcing parts that are easy to get from multiple online sources. Soooo, I'm looking for a good shop I can trust. If anybody has a recommendation I'd love to hear it!
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    I have been there...

    I know a good mechanic but he is in PDX... Also because he let me take my part/s for do the work.
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      I've got a new "to me" GW 88 myself. I've been ordering some parts from BJ's Offroad in Gig Harbor, they might know of some good mechanics across the sound.


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        How far are you willing.... travel?

        I'm in the Tri-Cities and I know of two very good mechanics. Small, family run shops that I'd trust with my kids. One is a general, overall mechanic, the other is an AMC guru.

        Depending on what you need done, I know a few Jeepers in the area that could also set you up with people in this area.
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          What do you need to have done?
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            Olympic 4x4 in Snohomish, that's your Jeep central station.
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              Cool, thanks for the input! I have been reading good things about Olympic 4x4 online, I will have to check them out.
              // 1988 Grand Wagoneer //


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                Yes Olympic 4x4 is a great place they also have a awesome pick apart junk yard in back been there a few times. I'm live in Carnation by the way.