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  • Car Show (Jeep in it?)

    My church is having an outdoor expo and they want to have some cars participate in a car show. My question is should I put mine in? Its an 87 GW, solid but not a show car. I was thinking of setting it up with a camping and fishing feel? What do you think?

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    Hey, if the local punks can put a 96 Honda Civic painted lavender, with a fart cannon and a stick on hood scoop in a car show, you can DEFINITELY put a clean waggy in a car show!

    Another example was a stock, fairway green 2000 Chevy Cavalier with graphics depicting a ninja with drawn sword, knight rider swishing LED strip on the front, and rent to own 16 inch alloys on it. PLEASE put the waggy in!


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      I think you should go!!!
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        Put it in the show - there seems to be something about a Jeep, any Jeep, that causes people to stop by and relate all of their Jeep stories...
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          Do it!!!!

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            heh heh heh yeah yeah, DO IT, DO IT!! That'd be cool!
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              Put it in the show, There is a whole generation of kids who have never seen one up close or at all.
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                I'd be interested in how you do.

                I have put mine in a couple and have had a lot of attention but never won anything. My son says it's because "people don't like Jeeps".

                Let us know how it goes.
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                  Absolutly! You will be surprised how many people come up to you with stories and questions.

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                    I'd say go for it, your rig looks pretty clean and mean

                    Originally posted by []V[]AXX
                    with a fart cannon
                    Man, I must be getting old, 'cause I have NO frigging idea what that is!

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                      hell if your thinking its not old enough, throw a Rhino grille on it and call it a '63

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                        Originally posted by cajunKen
                        I'd say go for it, your rig looks pretty clean and mean

                        Man, I must be getting old, 'cause I have NO frigging idea what that is!
                        Think of all the Hondas and other small imports that run around making a lot of noise. Look on the back, you'll see a muffler, usually polished, with 3 to 5 inch outlet, and a 1.5-1.75 inch pipe leading in. These mufflers have earned the moniker "fart cannon". On a stock engine, they offer little to no performance increase, they just make a ton of noise. I did not come up with this. There used to be a web site called "" They're building a new one, but it's not up yet. Anti-rice's founder, called them Fart cannons.


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                          DO IT!

                          We've taken our unrestored 72 Wagoneer to two shows this summer. Do we expect to win anything? Nope - but it is FUN, and you will meet a lot of people who like Jeeps.


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                            Doooo eeeet!

                            Picnic basket on the tailgate. Fishing poles, etc.

                            Maybe even grill some brats for everybody, a'la 'tailgating' theme.
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                              i say do it! you should pop up a tent right next to it, have a grill, and some fishing tackle! wear a khaki vest with 400 pockets on it, and a BassProShops hat. i took my old waggy to a car show, and brought an RTI ramp and parked her with one wheel off the ground kinda teeter tottery. a lot of people were impressed! and i won a t-shirt, but i'm not sure why, lol....
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