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1980 Jeep J10 Honcho

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  • 1980 Jeep J10 Honcho

    Hello all, first time poster, long time reader.

    I am in the process of restoring my Dad's last truck, a 1980 Jeep J10 Honcho. I have had it for about ten years, and found out about six months ago, that the frame had rusted completely in two, on the drivers side, in front of the rear spring, front shackle.

    I have found a parts truck with a great frame, had it delivered on Feb 2nd, and so far, between the two trucks, have the complete front clip and brackets, stripped to bare metal, sealed with a urethane primer sealer, inside finished painted, and outside primered.

    I just built a box on the parts truck bed, to store the finished parts in, and have the doors on the bench. I am working in my wood shop, not enough room to get the truck into, but a couple of parts at a time for cleaning to bare metal, and then sealing is working fine so far. I now have working room again!

    I want to put this truck back as close as I can to the way it was when it rolled out of the showroom, in 1980.

    I am looking for sources for OEM or reproduction:
    Weather stripping
    Door handles, inside and out
    all suspension and cab mount rubber
    side window brackets
    replacement marker lights, and turn signal lenses
    Front black and chrome plastic grill
    Anything else that you feel I will need.

    The front clip has taken me 105 Hrs and $875 to put in shape, ready to finish sand and paint. I am keeping a detailed log of the project. Been taking a bunch of pictures also. I will post a link if anyone is interested.

    This is not to be a show truck, my goal is to have it ready for Spring Gobbler season, Mid April, 2011. It will four wheel...

    Thanks for your Help!

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    Looks like you need to stop by
    they should have the markers and weather striping and the stock suspension
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      sounds like a thorough project...

      bjs offroad has been good to me and has lots of cool stuff.

      would love to see some photos!
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        Welcome to the land of empty pockets and unfinished projects...

        We are a very visual bunch, so pictures are a must. Photobucket will help in that aspect...

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          Welcome from up the road from ya. Well for another week or so then I'll be up near Cincy.

          I haven't got a 1980's grill. I believe that grill was a one year only run. If you want a Muscle grill or Razor grill come a running now before they are gone.

          What do you need door wise. I have some here that are about to find new homes, I don't want to move them. There was a change that happened in 79 but I think it was mainly the latches. I believe the wing windows are interchangeable as are the internal guts.

 will have alot of parts you need. Others on here will have the rest.

          I'm in the midst of a 1977 Honcho rebuild right now myself. Good stuff..
          Tom Gibson
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            Welcome from the Sierra Nevadas!

            And let me say...
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              Live down the road from you a ways. Just off the Gene Synder and drive by you on I-64 to work.
              A week ago Friday, I did the Gene Synder, I-64, I-75, I-71, back to the Gene Synder. Sorta like the Bermuda Triangle and well over 200 miles. Didn't get to HOOT's place until after 3 AM due to someone having the Interstate down for nearly 2.5 hours threating to kill himself. Thanks again HOOT for letting me come by so late. I've got those slots cleaned up and having them mounted tomorrow.
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                Another welcome from just to the right of you!
                .....Wish it was a Hilfiger Edition.....


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                  Welcome! Yeah we're junkies for pictures around here so give us a fix

                  Most of that stuff can be found at BJs or Team Grand Wagoneer.

                  The exceptions would be the exterior door handles and the grill. Someone around here had an NOS pignose grill Red Mistress maybe...It might not be the exact variation though. Post up a pic of the grill you need...if you have one.

                  Keep an eye on ebay. Let me know if you find a source for new exterior door handles...I could use a few. I've thought of getting a set re-chromed....seems like the only option for a really nice set.


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                    Welcome from GA. Did your Dad purchase the truck new?
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                      Welcome from NE Ohio.
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                        welcome from snow camp n.c.

                        good luck and have fun. it,s a jeep thing mike 12 out


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                          Small Scale Jeeps


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                            Welcome from New Jersey.

                            Personally, I don't think you could have picked a cooler truck to restore but I may be a little biased.

                            [quote] "How does someone from Iran have a BJ's Offroad sticker but I can't seem to get one sent to New Jersey???!!!"

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                              Thanks Gents for the welcome, great to hear so many close FSJ'ers so close.

                              Sorry I did not get back earlier, I have been working most of my spare time, on the Jeep.

                              Someone ask if My Dad Bought it new, He did, he was almost 70. He ordered it with a standard, it came with an automatic. He cussed the dealership when he saw the roll bar and wheels, He wanted a simple step side Jeep, but the only way they could get it was in the Honcho package. When he went to pick it up, he was early, the had just started putting the Honcho tape stripes on, He threw a fit, they took them off. He always felt that the step side was smaller than the smooth side. I know it is not, but hey I did not disagree with Dad.

                              Link to some pictures below, hope I did the hot link right.



                              Dad's J10, Honcho, 1980 Sport Side


                              Herbina 1987 Grand Wagoneer

                              Founding Member, FSJ Prissy Restoration Association