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Ideas for getting Waggy from LA to NC

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  • Ideas for getting Waggy from LA to NC

    Thanks to jeepguyp we have a replacement transfer case for my 82 Waggy. Now we have the problem of the Jeep being in Rodessa, LA (near Shreveport) and us being here in NC. Without a truck or trailer to get it back here we are left with only a few options.

    1) Driving out to LA, repairing the Jeep, and driving both vehicles back (and hoping the Jeep makes it back).

    2) Driving out there, renting a Uhaul truck and car hauler, and driving back.

    3) Finding someone on the list here that's heading out this way to pick up something and their trailer is empty for the drive out - we'd pay for the Jeep to get here so would help with your costs.

    We'd really like to get it back here to work on it so we won't be in a hurry. Plus we'd have more tools, etc., to work with here. It isnt' drivable but it does roll.

    We're flexible on the dates.

    Any other suggestions, help or ideas?

    Thanks everyone for all their help.

    1978 Wagoneer

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    My only helpful suggestion is that driving the Waggy that far on hope is... well, you'd have to have more faith in it than me. Is the rest of the rig in pretty good shape? Any weak points? The first option you listed is the most risky, but you probably know that already.

    Have you tried comparing the cost of a car hauler (search here for a reliable one) to the cost of driving two vehicles, or of renting and driving a Uhaul with trailer? As long as you have a good, dependable transport company working for you, it might be your best bet for such a long drive.
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      Hire a transport to haul the rig to you, there are about a zillon of them out there.
      Uship is one place, and there is a Tractor web site ( )that also allows you to post loads. Then there are the shipping brokers.

      Mike D.
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        The Jeep doesn't have any problems except the transfer case. Our concern would be that both the tranny and xfer case are both replacements that we know nothing about. We'd be putting both them in when we got there. If it weren't a 900 mile drive, and we were here already, we'd not mind driving and testing.

        I am trying now to look up auto transport but I don't have any experience at all with that so will be at the mercy of the transport cos. Is there somewhere here on the forum that lists reliable ones that others have used?

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          I've used Bravo Transport (once) and it turned out fine: These places are brokers that hire owner/operator rigs to pick up and deliver cars. As I recall, they charge your credit card for part of the trip when the car is picked up (the broker's part) and charge the balance when the car arrives (the driver's part).

          Like Mike D. wrote, there are a lot of owner/operators out there, and also a lot of different brokers. I used Bravo on the advice of a friend, who has also had good luck with them.

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   is an ebay style place... They have a feedback system as well so you can select a place with good reviews.

            I have heard good things from people who have used the site though I have not needed to use it myself.
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              Thanks duncanstives. I had heard of uship before but couldn't remember the name.

              tgreese, I've requested a quote from Bravo.

              I've gotten a good quote from National Auto Shipping and their reviews look good. If nothing comes from the uship we will probably use them.

              Thanks everyone.

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                cheapest way:
                measure or have someone measure GW and typical Uhaul truck
                write down
                take a greyhound there
                don't fall asleep on greyhound
                rent uhaul oneway
                load gw into uhaul
                tighten down
                drive home!!

                and don't fall asleep on the drive home!


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                  Pay for fuel and I could get talk into it. See sig.
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                    Originally posted by Tanker
                    Pay for fuel and I could get talk into it. See sig.

                    I'd jump all over that.
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                      X3 on uship

                      I used it a month or so ago to get a GW from NC to NY (I have never shipped a vehicle before, had no idea what it would cost).

                      After entering all my information about the vehicle into uship, the next day I got about 10 offers via email and phone with prices ranging from $500 to $800. Jeep was picked up at sellers house and dropped off at mine the next week!

                      Use to see how each shipper rates.
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                        boy i wish i was still in the buisness.... transporting cars was my very first trucking job... i was always in the southern states picking up or delivering and lots of times with no return load... 4 years ago i could have brought you that waggy for about 300 cash.. i used to haul mostly muscle cars in a closed trailer then pick up something like your waggy or a dealer might have sold a car to another dealer going in my direction and i would often just charge fuel cost with a few bucks added for lunch to get back to my next good paying load...i know a few people still transporting cars on a small scale.... do you have any objections to it beeing loaded on a wedge trailer... then hauled by a dually truck with two or three other cars sharing the ride???? i can try not promise but try to get intouch with some old freinds and see where they are and how much they would charge...

                        the good thing in a way is its in L.A. and there are still tons of classic cars and harley davidson motorcycles beeing hauled out of neworleans sold cheap from katrina damage... you can try searching craigslist of all places try all cities near shreveport and eastrn texas you may find a listing that some one is heading your way with room on their trailor...

                        good luck


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                          Thanks, everyone, for all the ideas and suggestions.

                          Tanker and my husband are discussing the logistics of getting it back here. Hopefully it'll be home by next weekend.

                          Thanks again everyone.

                          1978 Wagoneer


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                   is great. I got my 34 Ford from my hometown in GA to SoCal for about $600. Very professional driver who called me daily to let me know where he was with my car.
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                              Originally posted by wagoneergirl
                              Thanks, everyone, for all the ideas and suggestions.

                              Tanker and my husband are discussing the logistics of getting it back here. Hopefully it'll be home by next weekend.

                              Thanks again everyone.

                              Jackie never gets any of the credit and she does most of the hauling!

                              You will not be disappointed.
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