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Is a Golden Eagle a Cherokee Chief?

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  • Is a Golden Eagle a Cherokee Chief?

    I did some searches, but could not determine if a Golden Eagle Cherokee was an extended trim package of the Cherokee Chief or if it was a stand alone package.
    If it is a stand alone package what are the differences?
    What would I be missing from a Golden Eagle that I would have with a Chief.
    I have been wanting a Chief, but have not had any luck finding one.
    I have found a Golden Eagle for a good price and am serious about buying it and the guy is great to work with.
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    Basically stickers, eagle on decal on the hood, and gold colored wheels is the main difference. Its just a decal package like a Cherokee Chief or Honcho.
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      Sorry for hijacking but gotta side note. What was the last year they made the Golden Eagle?

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        Originally posted by Chrome
        Sorry for hijacking but gotta side note. What was the last year they made the Golden Eagle?

        I'm fairly sure it was till '80 for FSJs, then there were some "Golden Hawk" FSJs that came out in the next year or two.
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          Sorry for hijacking but gotta side note. What was the last year they made the Golden Eagle?
          mid 1980. the golden hawk replaced it till 1981.

          other than standard brush guard, roll bar if it was a j10, gold wheels, and tinted windows it was just like any other jeep with stickers.
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            Wasn't the Levi's package standard on GE's?
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              the cherokee i sold jon looked to be a golden eagle with the stickers removed. it had the chiefs head on the glovebox,but not on the side,which may have been removed along with the stickers. so,yes i think the golden eagle was an extension of the chief package.
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                My Cherokee didn't have the chief's head on the sides either. I think it was deleted with the GE package.

                Both the GE's I've had were bare-bones models with just AC as an option. Nothing fancy about either one. One of the easiest ways to spot a GE is to look at the seats. If you see the remnants of tan/almond Levi's seat covers, then you have a GE.
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