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    Anyone have a prefered transport co. they would recommend?

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    There is a post in the Want Ads that has alot of good info. Go look for it. Not far from the top right now. Guy needed transport from CA to VA. I'd link it but I'm too lame to know how to do it.
    Tom Gibson
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      You can negotiate a price!! First time I called, they quoted me about $550-600. I called back a couple weeks later and they quoted me $500. I told them that was too much and I wanted to pay around $400. They called me back within 24 hours and said they booked me a transport!! I had my rig transported from just North of Dallas, TX to the Charleston, SC area for $400!!

      They are a broker. They post on some national board what is needed and trucking companies bid on the job. My guy was from California and was great. Apparently this is a normal way of doing business in the auto transport world. My father-in-law is a new car dealer in PA. He uses a broker to transport cars all the time.

      If I ever need to transport a car again, I will call Larry...his number is listed on the web site. I don't have experience with the other reps, and Larry came recommended to that's 2 positive remarks for Larry. Leave him a message if he doesn't answer...he'll call you back. Or you can e-mail him and request a quote...that's actually how I started communicating with him.

      Hope this helps.
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        Highly recommend Angel's:

        I've moved a few and had some bad experiences. This place was recommended by word of mouth and rated highly on various websites. I tried them last time and it was like a dream! Seriously - lots of proactive communication. It was $35 more than the cheapest quote I got, but $35 well spent for a smooth experience.
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          I've had to move probably a half dozen or so cars across the East Coast in the past year, and Ive gotta go with Road Dog Transport.

          For me, its a whole logistics nightmare thing; getting the transport driver hooked up with the guy at the pickup point and THEN making sure that he meets me at the right dropoff point and I dont end up sitting in my truck all night long waiting because the driver got lost along the way.

          They've got a great dispatcher named Sarah who monitors her guys' movements 24 a day and is top notch about making sure everything gets squared away at the pickups and dropoff points.

          I talked with the driver during the Cherokee dropoff about a month back and he told me that they cover from Ohio eastward to Maine and as far south as Florida. Drop em a line at .

          Chuck Brown
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