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what did u do to your jeep this weekend

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  • We finshed putting an LS 5.3 into my son's Cherokee Chief, ready for the 2013 ECI!

    Click on the picture to see the start up!

    We are running it in speed density because he is going to put a turbo on it after he gets the bugs worked out. The tune really cleaned up after he got the IAT sensor installed. He let me drive it and I almost did not come back, the thing is really fun to drive.
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    09 JK Unlimited Rubicon


    • rear window

      Installed a new rear window switch and put in a kill switch so it can be locked easily.
      91 Grand Wagoneer "Final Edition"
      6 inch Hellcreek lift.
      Rhino Grill
      BFGoodrich MT T/A KM2 33X10.5. R15
      Offenhauser Dual Port 360 Intake
      Holley 600cfm

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      • Adjusted the timing, Installed the new heater core, Installed new heater hose, Pulled and cleaned all the plugs...they were surprisingly clean, washed it for the first time this spring, vacuumed it out while I was at it, Had new exhaust system installed.

        Waiting for the Holley carb to arrive so I can install the new edlebrock intake manifold.


        73 Wagoneer Quadratrac w/ Low Range


        • Went for a cruise

          You know it's bad when your car's on the EPA's 10 most wanted list!

          '82 J10
          '88 GW
          '77 J10 Golden Eagle 401


          • We went Soggy Bottom Mudpit for a benefit for a friend that was killed by a hit and run. I had several challanges and ran against the ZOO CREW's deuce and a half, a surburban and a 2000 Chero. I almost stalled out on the first run, as we were laughing so hard. at the fact i only had about 1/4 inch of tread on my tires, in foot deep mud. i only lost to the jeep. amazing what a 258 can still do.
            WE had to repipe the shower and replace the power steering pump, i was surprised that 3 vendors had the pump in stock and the 2 have a steering box at the local warehouse. No more "Whaaaaaa...Whaaaaa" at every course correction. Add another $50 bucks to the total, Now I have a better appreciation for the bad tie rod ends and worn out ball joints. may as well throw in a set of seals for the front end repack and couple of "U's". (parts still cheaper than my sons Toyota....).
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            68 Mustang 302 Hink's high speed parking problem


            • tires

              had to get some new shoes. Just went with cheep stock size to get me by for a while untill I'm ready to lift it.
              1987 Grand Wagoneer,
              well worn, bone stock, with 120K miles.
              added a snow plow, and looking for a lift.


              • washed it and drove it godGreat Googley MoogleyGreat Googley MoogleyGreat Googley MoogleyGreat Googley MoogleyGreat Googley MoogleyGreat Googley Moogley! And it is about time!! HA!!!!
                Still clueless but always learning

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                Now hooked on FSJs so !# #! gimme another!


                • hit the rims with some steel wool and a mothers polish ball. WAY NICER now.
                  rims are Alcoa and i think they might be forged even (not positive lol). they were free from a buddy of mine! got to love bad Great Googley MoogleyGreat Googley MoogleyGreat Googley Moogley friends


                  • steering geer...

                    yep leaking and I figured since its only 80$ at o'reillys ill get it...

                    1990 Grand Wagoneer
                    "I don't know what its called, but i can fix it." -Me


                    • wow, i want to biuld such a building! like the style of this buildings...

                      Originally posted by grand_wag_85
                      Went for a cruise


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                      • I got my new to me 89 Waggy started and off the trailer! Yah!
                        88 Wagoneer. All stock...for now!


                        • M&H!.JPG

                          Took the kids to visit the Jeep and bring home the parts that don't fit.

                          Custom exhaust is complete, frame repaired.
                          Swing out bumper received and going for powder coating.
                          1991 Grand Wagoneer
                          6.0L LQ4, 4L60e and np241c
                          4" lift, 2" body lift, razor grille, 4.11 gears,
                          Nitto grappler 33x12.5x15s


                          • Pulled the tailgate off, and gave it and the 65 dash to the painter. Next is the bed, and then right after that, the cab gets painted. Then the fun begins to reassemble the entire thing!
                            1980 J-10<br />Rusty\'s 4 inch lift<br />2 inch body lift,<br />35 in Xterrains on J20 axles<br />4:30 gears<br />Detroits<br />In-Cab cage thru the dash


                            • I snagged the tail lights, tailgate and hinge arms from the '77 shortbox I parted to post on Ebay. I'll probably turn the box into a trailer after I'm done fixing the stepside box.
                              Jeep gauges are for amusement only. Any correlation between them and reality is purely coincidental.


                              • Oil change and replaced the light switch.
                                1990 Grand Wagoneer
                                "I don't know what its called, but i can fix it." -Me