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1985 Jeep GW - Loud Groaning Noise?

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  • 1985 Jeep GW - Loud Groaning Noise?

    1985 Jeep Grand Wagoneer

    Loud groaning noise in front-end - appears to be coming from underneath car (wheel?). It sounds like something that is supposed to be truning freezes up and then eventually releases.

    There is no pattern to when it occurs - have heard it when car is cold, warmed up, on turns, on straight away, day, night, wet, dry, sppeds of 15-45mph!

    Noise lasts from 10 seconds to around 60 seconds. The noise stops if I stop the vehicle otherwise it stops when it wants to. There are no other symptoms that I've noticed. There is no change in the way the car handles when I hear the noise.

    However, it is getting progressively more frequent (from once a week to 2-3 times in my daily commute of 10 miles).

    Recent Work Done on Vehicle:
    - Had complete brake job 5 months ago
    - Oil pan replaced
    - Transmission fluid change

    Mechanic has not heard the noise so he says he won't even guess what it is......

    ANY ideas would be appreciated.

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    If applying brakes makes a significant difference in how the noise sounds then you may be dealing with a shoe retainer assembly that popped loose. (This can sometimes happen if the pin isn't turned right.) This will allow a shoe edge to rub against the inside of the drum--to say nothing of the loose pieces and the noise they might make....

    Other than that you may be looking at a bad wheel bearing.

    Or it might be that a lockout hub is trying to re-engage. If noise disappears with hubs locked in that would sinch it. (I had a most alarming intermittant clunk and groan from a bearing adjusting nut working loose and engaging with part of the hub!)

    In my own experience I've had front-end (and rear, where it concerns brakes) groaning noises from all the above mentioned causes.

    In your case your best bet is probably to have the people that did your brakes pull the front wheels and inspect everything.
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      Applying the brakes makes absolutely no difference in the noise. The noise does however, stop when the car finally comes to a stop.

      The noise is getting progressively louder and longer. People actually stop and stare as I drive by!!



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        Sounds like a spindle bearing. They groan when they go out.
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          Another vote for the inner spindle bearing. This is what they sound like. Random pattern of noise.
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