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Fuel pump & speedo cable 88' Grand Wagoneer Question

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  • Fuel pump & speedo cable 88' Grand Wagoneer Question

    I am buying an 88 grand wagoneer here locally, with 97000 miles on it. Black with red interior. Exterior is in good shape, one small rust spot on the rear lower QP, so far down you cannot see it unless you get down on your knees to look at the underside of the panel. Paint is original, but not oxidizing on the hood yet.

    The fuel pump is working fine, however the current owner would not let me buy the truck without replacing the current fuel pump with one from a 74 model. He has been a mechanic with RTD (the mass transit here) for a lot of years, and by the condition of the truck I would say he knows what he is doing. he also had a J truck, hooked to a boat as well. He also said he has 3 more full size jeeps of various ages, so he does seem to know his jeeps. (I didn't ask if he was a member here, or of CFSJA)

    He explained that the fuel pump on 74 models is reversed/upside down of the this year's model, and that the earlier pump is more reliable, and will do a better job?

    Now I am not that knowledgeable... so does that make sense?

    Question 2: Their was a squeek coming from the dash, and he said it was that they used a cheap speedometer cable in this year truck. Is this common, and how dificult would it be to remedy the squeek?

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    No clue on the fuel pump, but sounds interesting.
    As for the speedo cable it would be simple to fix that if it is the problem. Unscrew the cable from the back of the cluster, pull the cable out a little & put some graphite on it & slide it back in & reattach.

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      I like the upside down pump as well.
      It puts the pump into the airflow rather than tucking it up against the block, closer to the exh mani, and hidden behind the smog pump out of the air flow.
      I run that pump on all my wags as well (except the Chevy Wag, of course). The new '88 hasn't had the upside down pump put on yet, but it will before Ouray. Seems to help with the vapor-lock stuff (God, lets not get another thread started on that please).

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