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V-12 in a 1977 Wagoneer! Out of the Bill Harrah Collection after he died.

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  • V-12 in a 1977 Wagoneer! Out of the Bill Harrah Collection after he died.

    "And the stamp comes in ways subtle -- and not so subtle. To me, the most obvious and whimsical example of Harrah, the legendary casino tycoon who died in 1978 at age 67, is the Jerrari -- a combination Ferrari and Jeep Wagoneer. It's on display in a corridor between some of the museum's galleries.
    The story was that Harrah asked Ferrari to make him a four-wheel-drive vehicle because Harrah was having trouble getting over the hill to Lake Tahoe in style. (Harrah was not one for plebian transportation.) Ferrari said no. So Harrah had his mechanics stuff a V12 Ferrari engine into the engine bay of a 1977 Wagoneer and got himself a unique four-wheel-drive. Or almost unique. Although the museum's curator had no record of it, it appears Harrah had another Jerrari created from a 1969 Wagoneer. That one had the long sloping hood, the grille and the front fenders of a Ferrari 365 grafted onto the Wagoneer and, yes, it does look weird. The car cropped up recently on the Web site of Barrett-Jackson, the big Arizona auto auction firm."

    I don't think it would be a good Rock Crawler or Trail Rig!
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    Originally posted by H Callaway
    I don't think it would be a good Rock Crawler or Trail Rig!
    Sure it would!
    -Jonny B.
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      It just goes to prove with a big enough budget and pry bar you can shoe horn anything into an engine bay.
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      Originally posted by Gambler68
      congrats...that's the first post on here I have absolutely no effing clue how to comment on.
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        impress me. I want to see a tank engine in a FSJ :P
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          Originally posted by Gambler68

          impress me. I want to see a tank engine in a FSJ :P
          thinking it may be easier to just scab the body panels of the fsj around the tank!
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            Good idea! I'm pulling the engine outta my Ferrari next weekend!

            Seriously though, I wonder how the drivetrain held up...
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              That has to be one of the fastest fsj's ever.
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                the reason it all happened was that ferrari used the TH400 in the America. i am not sure if they used the world pattern bellhousing, or if they had a dedicated one. if they used the world pattern (like the early FSJ th400's rolls royce, and others) then it is basicallly a bolt-together deal. if they had a dedicated bell, then you drop the FSJ mainshaft into the ferrari case (ala caddy or late BOP cases)

                as far as the drivetrain holding up.... a 3 liter ferrari is a sight (and sound) to behold, but they do their thang at higher RPM, and would never make enough torque to actually hurt anything.....

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                  i remember seeing this one at the Autorama in Sacramento many moons ago....


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                    The rubber bumper on the driver side hood stop is missing. All that money...

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                      Looking at the thing let me know this man was serious...liked 'em fast, big and with "boobies"

                      Sorry couldn't resist

                      Wayne S
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                        Now yer talkin Wayne... and with a QT too.
                        Ran when parked.
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                          Jag used TH400's for years behind their V-12. Find yourself a nice clean late 70's Wag and a rusty XJ-S and have fun. Or, if thats too much work, send me a nice clean late 70's Wag and a rusty XJ-S and I'll take pictures.
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                            wow, i didn't think it possible.... something that actually made eggcrates cool
                            Jeff - 74 Cherokee S 401/400/QT - basically stock


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                              I was recently thinking of doing the same thing with a Jag V-12. I'm sure you could cam the torque range/rpm down. They are such a smooth motor, but hot.

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