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Add on fender flare options?

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  • Add on fender flare options?

    So Im in the middle of restoring my 1988 GW, I have started stripping it down to bare metal as I have found damage from the last owner taking it off road.

    My issue is that they cut the rear wheel wheels out several inches to fit larger tires with the current 5in lift.

    I not sure I want to buy the replacement metal parts (all 4 for front and rear of fender wheel)

    I would like to add some fender flares, but I want to keep the wood paneling in the middle, wider than stock but not supper crazy.

    I seen on Facebook something about using Cherokee bolt on flare but they go to high up on body and will mess up the wood center.

    Anybody seen any other flare Options?

    I can weld some.

    Thanks .

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    I have not seen or heard of an actual kit for our narrowtrack FSJs. the Cherokee WT wheel wells are quite a bit bigger than the NT one so if you use the Cherk WT flares, they will indeed go up into the wood.

    I think the only options are either going to be making something work (so a set for another rig that can be trimmed), a universal set, or the panels.

    For the record, you only need 2 panels (one for each rear wheel well). For the front you can just replace the fenders.
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      The stock flares on an early XJ will work ok for the back. Not sure how you would want to tackle the front though.
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