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  • Driver Door Window Motor

    My driver door window motor is dead. I bought the replacement from BJs. But, I can't get the old one out. I have unscrewed all the j track screws, but the j track is still attached to the window. All the videos I see skip the "detach j track from window" part. How do I get the j track/flex track disconnected from the window, so I can remove the j track and motor from door to install new motor? The window is all the way up.

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    The track is attached to the bottom of the window glass with a single screw.

    The motor can be simply unbolted from the regulator. While not super easy it can be done. I believe it is 2 small bolts that hold the motor to the regulator.

    Or the entire assembly can be removed easily Just remove all screws from regulator and the one that holds the top of the track to the bottom of the glass.
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