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1977 J10 Clutch Linkage

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  • 1977 J10 Clutch Linkage

    My clutch adjustment rod to Clutch Fork bent last night. I got under the truck to inspect. I removed the rod and straightened it. Then hooked everything back up. I looked in the parts manual as reference to make sure all parts were accounted for. I have everything the manual shows but it seems from looking at a few pictures online, there might be a second spring from the Clutch Fork tip to some other location, I do not have. It is not shown in the manual or maybe shown on a different page than the clutch parts.

    I do have the spring that goes through the double holes on the Bell Housing and back to the double holes on the clutch fork.

    The picture below is not of my truck but a good picture of what springs I am talking about.

    Where do I find this second spring and why is it not in the manual????
    1977 Jeep J10
    258 Engine
    Weber 38 carb
    T15 Trans
    Dana 20 with Tera Low
    Dana 44 Front and Rear axles
    Custom 16 inch rims 235x85 R16 Duratrac tires

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    I'm working on my clutch linkage right now and I have only ever seen 1 spring down at the clutch fork.

    I've had two 4 speed FSJ's and they both only had one spring.

    Maybe the pic is a CJ and they could be different.


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      My 73' J4000 with T-15 only had one spring on the clutch lever on the outside.
      There is also a short strong spring inside the bellhousing that keeps the lever on the pivot ball inside the bellhousing!
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        Same here. The spring on the clutch fork only serves to keep the rod tip in the pocket on the fork, as I understand it.
        Tim Reese
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