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    Hi All,

    I was really excited to learn of a new (to me) FSJ salvage yard when I found out about in PA. Has anyone used them in the past? Does anyone have any insight into their business or process? I went on the website and found a part that I needed. The site said it was in stock and even had a picture. I paid for it.

    I reached out by phone to confirm the order. I was disappointed to find out that the part pictured was not in stock and he would have to pull one and refurbish it. The guy assured me he was going to do it ASAP because he had another request for the same part. When I followed up a few days later he said the exact same thing but had not done anything yet so I was a little concerned.

    Now it's been 2 weeks and they are not picking up my phone calls nor returning my emails. I don't have the part or an indication it's been shipped. My Jeep is sitting at the mechanic's yard, who is also not happy now, and I can't drive it as this part is needed to pass smog inspection and thus register.

    I'm very frustrated. Has anyone had a similar or different experience? Is the owner a member of IFSJA and on this message board? I had given them some time as the order was placed leading up to Thanksgiving but now enough time has passed.

    Hoping someone can assure me they'll get to it or warn me that this is typical in case I need to try to find this part somewhere else.
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    Depends on the part I suppose. What are you needing? Try the wanted section here?
    It's all personal preference, but I'd give them another week, for 3 total, then call my credit card company and dispute the charge if they haven't gotten back to you by then.
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      How did you pay? If they are ignoring you may be time to consider getting your money back now.
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        Paid by Paypal. Shockingly I got a call right after this original post.

        Sadly I was given another line of BS about how there was a shipping delay.

        On a Thursday afternoon, the guy said "It will go out this week"

        When I let him know the next day was Friday, he said "next week" When pressed what day he said, "Monday or Tuesday at the latest"

        Well, Tuesday's gone with the wind and no answers to my calls, emails, or texts.

        I'll be posting a wanted post for a fuel filler neck.For what its worth (maybe nothing) I do not recommend jeep
        1978 Cherokee S
        TFI Upgrade


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          I will know by Saturday if I might have one price will be $150 + shipping if I do


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            new Jeep recycler

            I contacted the business you mentioned looking for a particular Jeep T18, after several emails back and forth, each requesting information I included in my first email, I gave up. I finally told them if I had to provide individual part numbers, specific dimensions and other info, I would look somewhere else. The seemed to want me to do their job for them. No bueno.


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              I hate this

              just saw this post

              I have talked with the owner in the past

              I have also bought a few pieces from him when he first got started,...

              really nice guy with good parts, good prices, loves jeeps as we do.

              I hope this Is not the norm for them

              hope to hear better things about them in the future....

              dave in NC
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                I've have seen them plastered all over FB and CL, from what I have observed he might have started out OK, but now appears to have grown too big to keep up with demand. I have parts and have dabbled with selling spare stuff but never ask for payment until it's about ready to throw in the box to ship.
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                  I've used them in the past, just after I think they had bought all the stock from another Jeep recycling place.

                  For me they were great, they shipped some large and fragile parts (receiver hitch and V8 fan shroud) to the UK for a really good price. It was all dealt with directly by the owner. It took a little while, but wasn't an issue.

                  From what I've read, they've been having problems keeping up of late, plus a recent post mentioned something about staff retention issues.

                  Last time I got in touch with the owner it took a little while to hear anything back.

                  From their recent post, it looks like they're well aware of the problems and are actively trying to do something about it, so fingers crossed it'll get better in future as ultimately I think they're good guys
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                    I know the owner. Very stand-up guy. They have been having growing pains as well as staff issues. Secondly, they don’t just pull parts and ship them. They pull the parts, test them if needed, then clean and will even refurbish them. They are a small operation, not Quadratec. I’d give him all the business I could, and I have.

                    The original post here was in December and there were nation wide issues with shipping, particularly with USPS.
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                      Well, unfortunately so far I have had a similar experience. I ordered some parts in early December. They showed up a couple weeks ago. One was perfect and exactly what I ordered, The other was the wrong part. I have reached out and heard nothing...

                      Ill keep giving them an opportunity to make it right but communication is very very slow.
                      77' J10 w/ 360, T18, Dana 20 TC


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                        They had a plow part I needed and was supposed to send me a pic of it and never did, tried texting numerous times (they texted me first) and never got a reply. Tried calling 4-5 times and never got an answer.

                        I know they have a ton of stuff and reviews I have seen seem a divided.


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                          Currently having the same issue with them. I ordered and paid for alternator brackets last February. I have talked with the supposed owner once and again with an employee who told me my invoice was on the top of the pile. Both times I have been promised shipment. Three months later still no shipment. I have filed a dispute through paypal and will not be using them any further. I suggest staying clear of them.

                          An update, As of 5/22/21 I have received a response to my dispute through paypal from the supposed co-owner who stated that they would contact me on friday 5/21/21, I received no such contact. I was able to get someone on the phone about a week ago and told them I would like a refund and was told they would have to get the refund authorized. I am still out my money no parts received. Paypal has given until 5/25/21 to resolve the issue or they will close the dispute. If I do not hear from someone by Monday 5/24 I will escalate the dispute further and file a fraud claim with my bank.

                          Buyer Beware
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                            They supposedly are to busy with posting pictures on Instagram!
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                              Same problem

                              I ordered from them also. Still haven’t received my parts. They said have to be pulled