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Skinny tires, steel wheels and hubcaps

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  • Skinny tires, steel wheels and hubcaps

    Ive got a 1978 4 door Cherokee. Bought it several years back, then sold it and regretted that decision daily. As fate would have it I came across it a few months back and was able to reacquire it cheaper than I sold it. Not going to let it go again and I have a plan.

    Ive always been a fan of the NAPCO 4x4 look from the late 50's on. Mine has steel wheels and hub caps and I think it would be a great candidate.

    The red jeep attached is mine and the blue gmc is the direction I want to go.jeepsnow.jpg
    1958 GMC Factory built 4 x 4 Napco Suburban Carryal.jpg

    The tires on the blue NAPCO are not as tall as you would think. In most cases 31" but the big lift just gives it a nice gap between tires. Now my questions..

    I want to go to 16" or 16.5" steel wheels because its easier to get the tires I'm after for wheels other than 15". How do I ensure my dog dish hubcaps will fit aftermarket steel wheels? Is there a standard for the hubcap mounting ring on steel wheels?
    What size lift might I need to match the NAPCO? 4", 4" w 2" add a leaf or 6"?
    What about those tires? Anyone know where I can find RADIALS in that style? Finding a ton of bias... but no radials.
    Also, I figure if I go with the skinny tires I can mount my tire on the outside, maybe the side, behind the side rear window. Thoughts?

    my goad is a bright red jeep with white top, white wheels and white bumpers. I think it will look good when complete.

    Thanks for any advice.
    78 Jeep Cherokee 4-door w/87,000 miles

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    Hey GJ

    Hey GJ-

    Have you checked out a size....I think it's 215-85-16?? Supposed to be between 31-32" tall. I like that size/look, a co worker had them on his 65 Chevy pickup, red truck, white/ivory rims, blackwalls. It just looks clean and neat.

    I've also been looking for an older-looking tire, and would be willing to try
    STA Super Traxion bias someday, money permitting...but I don't want more than a 2" lift myself. I think the STA's in 8x16" are 32", but don't quote me on that.

    Two 'luggy' looking radials would be the Yokahama Y742, and the Toyo M55. I think the Yokos also come in a 7 or 8x16 size, which I think is also between 31-32" might work for you. Be sort of warned, however, lots of online reviews claim 'rough riding', 'too noisy for my SUV', etc.
    Guess these folks didn't realize that 'traction tires/work tires' might upset their lattes in their Escalade mall crawlers.

    I'm no expert, just an FSJ fan, so don't know about your hubcap question.
    Lots of guys on here will probably chime in on suspension mods for you.
    I plan to do an 'all spring'- no blocks or other stuff.

    Thanks for those pics, I like the old NAPCO look too, those rigs just look all business.

    Good luck with your Chero- nice looking, BTW- the Razor always looks good in a Wag body.


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      As to my understanding there is no 16 inch wheel you can buy that the original hubcaps will fit on. You would have to have them made. I actually just wrote up a thread on the exact same thing you are talking about, tall, skinny vintage tire. The guys gave me some good references. Coker carries a couple of nice looking tires also M E Miller tire co that Joe recommended to me has some neat tires also. The only problem I've had is that i'd like a 33 instead of a 31 but you can't hardly find a 33x9.50 or 10.50x15. If you want 31 inch tires though I love the gateway buckshot mudders. They are bias ply. Regardless they are a cool tire. Here's a link for you most of the vintage looking tires are bias ply it seems.
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        NOS J Hubcaps 16"

        I have a complete set of Cutlass Jeep SE hubcaps for 16" wheels.

        That I would sell for right price.

        All 4 are flawless !
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