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1973 Wagoneer value ???

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  • 1973 Wagoneer value ???

    I'm thinking about selling my 1973 Jeep Wagoneer. 360 V8 automatic. May I get some help in pricing the car at and what venue I should market the Jeep at? I've had my car worked on at Jeeps R us (Laguna Beach), Rebel off road (Laguna Hills) and T and J performance (Orange) and Audio Lab( Laguna Hills)

    Things I've done to the Wagoneer.
    Fuel Injection
    Electronic ignition
    Fuel pump
    Water pump
    New aluminum radiator
    New exhaust
    Added power windows and door locks
    Power amp side boards
    New paint
    New shocks and Deaver springs
    6" lift
    Rebuilt transfer case and transmission
    Custom re-upholstery
    complete dynomat of vehicle
    Kenwood audio system with amp and subwoofer
    Rear view camera
    All new mouldings
    Repaired A/C unit
    Custom fabricated sway bar
    Custom steering box
    New tie rod ends
    replaced rear window motor
    New tires and rims
    There are numerous other things I've had upgraded and parts replaced.

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    Not even gonna guess cause you won't like it. These are just old Jeeps not collector cars so worth what you can get for it. Yeah you spent a lot of money at the shop to get it the way "you" wanted it. Unfortunately that money is gone... and doesn't translate into more market value, so don't plan on recouping your investment.
    Good luck.
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      Dude, that would fetch a LOT here in Southern California - especially since it is smog exempt! Even with all the mods (which are a turn-off to a lot of people) I bet it would fetch more than $6-7k. It might take a while to find the right person, however.

      I get people wanting to buy my Cherokee all the time, and it's in terrible shape compared to yours. And no, they don't lowball me either.

      You have an absolutely beautiful Jeep. I wouldn't even think of selling it unless it's a family emergency or something. I say keep it. It would really stand out at car shows.

      Just my two cents from over here in Long Beach.
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        hey ... what did you do about the AC and freon??

        mine needs a recharge ..... but.
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          You will get vague responses because value seems to vary greatly based on location, interest, etc.

          On the east coast where it is tough to find solid examples, the prices seem to be higher. When I lived out in the NW (where I bought my GW), there were tons of old iron that was still dry and cancer free.

          You have a really sharp rig, and I must say the steps got my attention as I have wondered if they would fit a wagoneer for some time.

          I have close to $10k in mine (Golen engine, 4l60e, rear disc conversion, lift, etc..), and the body, paint and interior are awaiting time to finish. The body is very straight and cancer free, but I want a "new car" finish on it. I did most of the work myself but want a pro to do the body. I could probably get $5k for it as-is. Add $10-12k for body/paint and I could "maybe" get $8-9k, and that might be a stretch.. Sad but true.

          Without the new engine and trans, I bet you have at least as much in yours.
          Your rig is awesome. I don't know that miles you have on it, if the engine is rebuilt? If you aren't in a hurry, I would say start at $10 or 12k and work down from there. You just never know..

          I am sure others would disagree with me. Heck, I would give you $5k and pay for shipping, but that probably insults you.

          As much as you put in it, are you sure you want to sell? Or are you just ready to fund the next build?

          my 0.02, worth the discount rate you paid for the estimate.. Good luck and let us know what you decide. We are a cheap lot, but you just might find a buyer on here. Yours has the body, trim, etc that I really wish mine had so it might be just what someone is looking for.
          One day I will wake up and realize that my jeep is day, I just know it.

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            List it high and then go fishing!
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              I'd say 8-10K in New Mexico, more if it was stock.
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                That Waggy Is Sweet. Nearly Exactly What I Am doing With My 73.


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                  Values are really taking off if your keeping an eye on the auctions. However I don't think they are quite up to what you are asking on Ebay... Best of luck.
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