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What did you pay for paint?

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  • What did you pay for paint?


    Wanted to get an idea on what people are paying to have Fullsize Jeeps repainted.

    What did yours cost to repaint?

    Did you have any body work done?

    On a scale of 1-10 (10 being perfect) how did it come out?

    Did it include jams/engine bay?

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    Expect to pay around three grand
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      Light duty $1500.00 - all excellent 7-10K
      3K decent job, no color change, minimal body work and prep.
      Probably won't include jams and firewall.
      More body work utilizing bondo and skim coat, compared to replacement steel weld in panels, minimal bondo and skim coat.

      $1500.00 macco

      It really depends on the material you use and the amount of time in wet sanding and insuring a really clean smooth finish.

      Some 3 stage, pearls and candy paint color materials alone can be expensive.
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        Originally posted by Tripwire
        Expect to pay around three grand
        Maybe 3 grand if it's not a color change and needs no rust repair or other body work. Paint and body is tedious work and you'll pay for a decent job.
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          Complete and total color change inside and out. Remove all visible dents and dings, media blast and repair all heavily rusted areas, including removal and replacement of old seam sealer on bed and fenders. Fix fist sized hole on outer truck bed.
          Epoxy prime, paint and clearcoat everything including inner fenders, firewall, core support and the underside of hood. Did not have the cab floor topcoated.
          Total cost for all paint and labor $5800.00 add another 450.00 for spray in bedliner.
          On a scale of 1 to 10.......I asked for a 7.5 for a finished look, and that's what I got.
          As far as my frame and drive train go....That's another story.
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            I have $1100 in materials so far for PPG WWII flat green and epoxy for the 715.
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              Originally posted by junkr
              I have $1100 in materials so far for PPG WWII flat green and epoxy for the 715.
              Same here. I'm doing a ground up rebuild on my J3000 truck.
              U-tech epoxy primer. 2 gallons.
              PPG Omni paint 1 1/2 gallons.
              U-Pol Raptor bedliner.
              Sandpaper, paint stripper, Bondo, Tape, Masking paper, etc.

              There's also the cost of renting a paint booth by the hour and some media blasting on a few difficult/problem areas

              I'm doing everything except shooting the paint on the visible areas. Those I'll have a professional shoot.

              I expect the above to come in around $2,000 when all is done, with me doing every bit of work possible. Probably double that if you pay someone else. And that $4,000 would be if you shopped around really smartly.

              It would give you a good quality, long-lasting, single solid color paint job, but you wouldn't be getting a show quality job.
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                For $2500 it went from this:

                to this

                Well, okay, the before pic does't show the smashed rear flares so there was some body work involved.

                You can see I removed all of the trim. Everything but the glass. They ended up removing the rear side windows.

                I didn't have them do the jambs or engine bay. If I was going to do that I wouldn't have gone with red. As it is, the "A" pillar on the inside is painted and it would have been a bit of a pain to change color on. So I went with red. I did have them paint the rear panels in the interior.

                You can see here both the interior paint as well as the jamb color. You don't really notice that the red is different.

                The Cheif two tone paint isn't to factory spec, it doesn't go past the crease.

                Single stage, no clear coat.

                They filled all of the original holes from the factory roof rack (the small one's from the trim). They also filled in the holes from the original grill since I went with a Rhino.

                On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give it a solid 6 or 7. It's good quality paint. They got most of the small dings. There is a run or two and some orange peel. I could have spent more but I am just going to scratch it up so I didn't see the point.
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