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Any Seattle area Jeep Grand Wagoneer experts out there?

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  • Any Seattle area Jeep Grand Wagoneer experts out there?


    Any Seattle area Jeep Grand Wagoneer experts out there?

    I've heard folks mention moving to a 4 barrel carb others have mentioned fuel injection modifications..

    I'm looking for any advice people can provide.

    Thank you very much!

    Paul Donovan

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    Im no expert, but. I did both my rigs with TBI and MSD

    redone can answer any 4bbl questions + he lives near you
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      Thanks Trip, but I'm a long way from being an expert. I'm a big fan of the Edelbrock 1405 and 1406, but I've just started dinking around with a Holley 4160.

      My advice would be stick with the stock MC2150 though. It's a great all around carb and perfect for a stock amc 360 driver/ occasional wheeler. If you're doing engine mods that increase your operating RPMs then a 4bbl would offer some benefits. I only run 4bbl because I'm cheap and impatient and could buy a holley right then for $50 less than a reman'd 2150 I'd have to wait for, but I have a stickshift so I can rev the pee out of my engine between shifts.

      I've collected the parts for TBI but have yet to run it on anything.

      The specialty FSJ tech area has a subforum that's all about fuel injection and Ristow is the real carb guru around here. If you can be more specific with what you want to accomplish I'm sure you can get some great adice from the real experts.
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        My 290 is going TBI when I put it in the Honcho, but I'm on the learning curve and still physically unable to do all that I'd like to since my shoulder surgery. (Doc was surprised at how much I've go back since then and a bigger surprise for her when I see her next week as I'm starting weight lifting again)
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