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Budget woodgrain application

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  • Budget woodgrain application

    Here is my dilemma for my 85 Wag:

    Good trim (except for on piece on the rear) but bad peeling woodgrain especially on the left side.

    I hate the narrow reproduction trim and want to keep my stock trim. The precut vinyl will not work for me if I want to keep my 85 (non closed ends) trim style.

    I was thinking about buying a roll of the woodgrain, sanding my current woodgrain to remove all the loose stuff, applying some slip solution to the trim and woodgrain area, applying the new vinyl, then using an exacto knife to trim flush with the trim pieces.

    I know this is not the absolute best way to do this, but I'm not trying to build a $30K Wag, especially while doing a frame off restore on a Honcho.

    Anybody have experience or opinions on this particular technique?
    1980 J10 Sportside (in multiple pieces)
    1985 Grand Wagoneer (leaks every kind of fluid)
    1994 YJ