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I'm Back! Got another Waggy!

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  • I'm Back! Got another Waggy!

    Long story short- after installing a Dakota Digital dash in our 1990, my wife hated the look and we ended up selling. (The dash was needed to get a working speedo after installing an EFI 350 and electronic trans...)

    Fast forward a year or so....

    Today was the day I have been anxiously awaiting for the last week....Waggy Day, as my wife and I have been calling it. We got up early and hopped in the red Cherokee, for what will probably be her last trip over the pass with us. The drive to Eugene from Sisters is about 2 hours, and all the way we talked about the "possibilities" in the Waggy we were about to see, and the options if she wasn't "The One". Our dog slept in the back seat. It was a cold day, snow had fallen on the pass overnight, the sky was grey, and fog shrouded the mountaintops. A very "Jeep" day, as if any day isn't a "Jeep" day. On the Eugene side of the pass, the fall colors were brilliant in their last show before covering the roads.

    Mapquest led us directly to the location, and we apprehensively pulled into the condo parking lot. Then we saw her, first a tailgate poking out of a garage door, and then- WOW! she was beautiful. My wife later admitted that she immediately fell in love, I'm glad I wasn't the only one.

    The owner came out, a sweet lady who obviously had a strong attachment to the Waggy. This was her third and last Waggy, and it held strong memories of a time in life that had past by. Walking around we marveled at how beautiful the Waggy was- from underhood, to interior, to exterior. We were hooked. As Carol pulled away on the test drive, she mouthed "Wow". Exactly. I really didn't need to take a test drive myself, but I did anyway. She drove like a new vehicle. I could feel the high gears, and hear a bit of rear wheel bearing noise, but I didn't care. I wanted her. I returned and we talked business. The owner produced receipts from where she just had the axles and transmission serviced. She had also just paid to have the rear main seal replaced. And there was a receipt for four new tires, just over 100 miles old. She wanted to be sure the Waggy went to a loving home, and also wanted to give it a last bit of TLC. We arrived at a price that Carol and I thought was more than fair- and the deal was done. She became our newest family member. Her prior owner shed a tear or two as we left.

    I know, time for pictures. This one will stay mostly stock, save a few tasteful modifications. (See the last pic for our projected outcome.)

    Here she is!

    Jessie loves her new ride!

    So does Carol!

    A scenic photo opportunity...

    The color changes depending on the light...

    Yes, even I got in on the act...

    And here's what we are shooting for...

    I'll post up pics of the engine and inside shortly....

    Higher res/more shots here at
    Randy S.
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    That is AMAZING!
    I love the color of it........................ I would not change a thing at all.
    Congratulations you two!
    (Ristow) fram....that deserves a ratchet upside the head.


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      Beautiful waggy! Nice scenery can't wait to move to Oregon.
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        Nice score

        The covered bridge photo looks like a L.L. Bean shot.
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          I love it! That one deserves to remain a stock waggy.

          I'm going to guess at that it's an '87 or '88, but what year is it?
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            Nice looking ride!
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              Don't do a thing!

              That is one well loved and maintained Waggie. It will be worth more un-modified. Glad its gone home to a Waggie lover.

              Originally posted by jlewis
              Nice looking ride!
              "I started with nothing, I still got most of it left"
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                AWESOME PICTURES!!! The GW looks cherry
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                  Wow indeed! I would put a short lift on it and that is all, but thats my opinion.
                  Mark B. Jones

                  Originally posted by GrandWag&Prix
                  Actually, now that I think about it, that could be either awesome or really terrible.

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                    Beautiful rig, I'm glad you're happy with it. I also see a happy Jeeper Dog!
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                      Originally posted by asphaltrockdweller

                      That is AMAZING!
                      I love the color of it........................ I would not change a thing at all.
                      Congratulations you two!
                      You know it's bad when your car's on the EPA's 10 most wanted list!

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                        Nice find!

                        Glad you're back in the game...just goes to show, once you get Jeeps in your blood (or is it your blood on your Jeeps?), you'll always have or want one.
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                          beautiful wag, beautiful pics.

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                            She's gorgeous, congrats! I didn't see that one in my regular craigslist searches, nice find.
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                              Congrats again! She is a beauty!
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