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  • Junkyard Blues

    This morning I got onto my motorcycle and drove 155 miles to my favorite junkyard near my old hometown. I asked the owner where the J10s were and he told me the general area. I waded through acres and acres of junk cars, no J10 found, but I found a circa 1976 GW in pretty good shape. First item I needed (radio tuner knob) was missing from the vehicle. Curiously this was the ONLY thing missing from it. Even the entire engine was intact and the keys were in the ignition. Second item (factory jack) was in the vehicle, but, alas! I cannot use a bumper jack on my J10. My gear indicator window is missing and I could not get the one from the GW loose. Next item was the glove box strike plate and the window crank. Brilliant me! I left my tools in the motorcycle nearly a half mile away. I hiked to another side of the yard and noticed my motorcycle helmet was missing. Then I remembered that I had set it onto the Volvo beside the GW. Back to the GW I go. Helmet in hand I then tried to find the other J10 he said was on the OTHER side of his junkyard. I walked and walked (grabbing my tools from the motorcycle when I passed by it) and waded through acres more of junk cars. I NEVER found any J10 and no one could give me a better location. By this time I was so annoyed by the whole business I simply hiked back to my motorcycle and drove away without any further contact with the owner. I did not even bother to hike back to the GW for the strike plate and crank. What a disappointment! The radio knob alone would have made it worth the stop! The one I have is slightly stripped so it turns before the tuner stem does both ways! Annoying! I then left and picked up the control arm for my 1973 Plymouth at my best friend's house (that he bought from this same junkyard). What a day! At least I am now at home (another 155 miles driven) and had a good ride!
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    1968 Chevrolet C10 Step Side Longbed
    1981 Chevrolet C10 Step Side Shortbed
    1979 Honda CX500 Motorcycle

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    at least yougot a ride in, its still a little cold for me up here! A day away from work, and riding sounds good to me
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      You need to get in touch with Tanker he's a member here from your neck of the woods and has a FSJ yard.
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        Did you say Jeep J10? I got all excited the other day, but was disappointed when the customer had an Infiniti and not Jeep J20
        Jeep gauges are for amusement only. Any correlation between them and reality is purely coincidental.


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          There is a v-shaped clip inserted in the back right side of the gear selector gradient window. It can be gently pried out with a small screwdriver. Once removed, lift up the right side and slide it to the left a little, and it will by yours. Be sure you get the clip.
          Mark B. Jones

          Originally posted by GrandWag&Prix
          Actually, now that I think about it, that could be either awesome or really terrible.

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