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factory color options for 64 Jeep Gladiator / Wagoneer????

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  • factory color options for 64 Jeep Gladiator / Wagoneer????

    Hi everyone, I am trying to find out what the factory color options were for the old early 60's Jeep trucks. Right now my truck is white (or glacier white) and the interior has a gold dash - seat door panels etc. and a white steering wheel. I have not settled on a paint for the outside yet and I thought that I should consider what the factory matching interior colors would be for the different paint options. I have been looking on the web but have not found any info on this, maybe someone on here has a factory sales broschure with the options in it or something like that...???

    Thanks for any and all info or help.


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    Here's a quoter from the sales brochure:

    "INTERIOR. The Interior of your Wagoneer is finished in one of three low-gloss paints for the reduction of glare and eye fatigue. Low gloss interior finishes harmonize with exterior paints. Sylvan Green with exterior greens. Nordic blue with exterior blues. Amber metallic with all others."

    Your is what they refer to as "Amber Metallic" - probably the most common interior color in early J-series vehicles.

    I tried to scan the page, but at 600x800 pixels (the max allowed on this forum), the resolution was too low to read. I can send you a hi-res scan of it if you'd like.
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      Not easy
      In an old parts catalog for the J-series with the tornado, i found a list of exterior colors : bronze mist, empire blue, glacier white, gold beige, indian ceramic, marlin blue, prairie gold, president red, spruce tip green
      I have the codes if needed
      For the trim colors, i found : sylvan green, nordic blue, amber
      As Tonka said, your should be "amber"

      hope that help
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        In another place, the book says that the instrument panel could be : black, cumberland green, gold bark, parade blue, or president red
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          Thanks all for your info!