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AMC's Detroit HQ to be demolished

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  • AMC's Detroit HQ to be demolished

    Noticed this this morning. Thought it might be of interest.

    The last remnants of AMC's original headquarters will be demolished to "erase ruin porn" whatever that means.
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    Maybe "ruin porn" is the term to describe Detroit's 40 year trend of societal decay.

    Cool article, I like the mention of the Nash Kelvinator effort during WW2.

    Always thought it funny that AMC HQ was on Plymouth Road.
    Cliff Danley
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      Originally posted by Cliff

      Always thought it funny that AMC HQ was on Plymouth Road.
      Perhaps a foretelling of the future of when chrysler would buy them...
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        Originally posted by backroadin'
        Perhaps a foretelling of the future of when chrysler would buy them...
        Yes, Then shutter them... Just like Plymouth!
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          A sad point for me, I have always been an AMC fan and it upset me when they went under.

          I have owned 3 AMC Eagles (2 wagons and 1 SX/4), A Concord and an AMX, and my 74' Cherokee and LOVED them all!

          Way under estimated vehicles in my opinion.


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            Back to the building ... no great loss now, as I understand. Just another derelict building in a decaying city.

            The way I heard it, the intact building was sold to a scrapper that stripped the pipes and wiring from it, and since declared bankruptcy. Cost of rehab is now prohibitive. Too bad, but pretty low on the list of injustices.
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              It pains me to see what it has become. Very sad.
              I can't remember when it was but these pictures were taken on the last day of major operation at the facility except for the engine dynos and a couple of other things.
              JeepTruckEng-5x7 by Rick Jones, on Flickr
              I am in the picture somewhere in the back. I didn't work there but was invited to join.
              JTE Group Photo by Rick Jones, on Flickr

              This was in 2000 at a employee open house in the basement. My friend who worked there got me and my SC/Rambler in there for part of a display.
              AMTech2000 by Rick Jones, on Flickr
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