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Howell TBI or Holley TBI + Igntion

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  • Howell TBI or Holley TBI + Igntion

    Hello all. I am new to the FSJ stuff, so take it easy on me. I have been an XJ guy for years but stepped up to the plate and got a big jeep. I am having trouble with my 2150 carb and dont want the hassle. I know i can get a 4 barrel carb and intake for about $540 new or around that price. I am intrigued with the TBI set up. I don't have the time to mess around with the junkyard deal for this is my daily driver and it is in the garage awaiting some love. I have no problem buying a new system i just don't know which one to get. Besides price what is the difference between the Holley set up and the Howell set up. I can get the Holley from Advance for about $843 and the Howell for $1200ish. With the Holley i can also do the HEI set up that i have read about and still be shy of the $1200 mark of Howell. Is Howell worth it. I have just read where putting a qjet on it will be just fine. The jeep is an '86 GW and has the 360 with 117K. It is a DD and will hope to see some recreational mud. Any advice between the two options would be great. I need to get it on the road and would like to do it faster rather than slower. Thanks.

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    I am looking at the FAST E-Z TBI set up.
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      I have no experience with the newer Holley digital units.

      I had a Howell TBI system. I now have a MODIFIED Howell TBI which is basically a stock GM system. I use every OEM sensor except for a knock sensor.

      For a turnkey system, Howell TBI is very nice.

      I think HEI is overrated. You can get a good spark from an aftermarket coil and do jsut find. If you don't like the stock ignition, get an MSD since it will trigger DIRECTLY from the stock distributor if you want. If you go that route, TELL HOWELL what you are doing and they will modify the spark trigger accordingly.

      If you go with AFI, they can build you a system that will use a stock GM coil AND give you timing control.

      See my sig file for more information than you asked for in regards to TBI conversion on an AMC 360.
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