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Couple of questions on my Howell TBI

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  • Couple of questions on my Howell TBI

    Howell TBI in my waggy continues to run great! Although I really haven't drove it much other than towing the boat to the lake 2 miles away.

    Driving the J10 to Moab in 3 weeks and thinking about swapping the Howell TBI over to the J10.

    My questions are;

    Can I run a TBI fuel pump (e2000) on a MC2150? Even just temporarily?

    Say I pull a complete TBI and harness from 87-95 Chevy truck. Could I use my Howell computer on the GM TBI?
    Please come on over to and have a look.

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    NO! You'll flood the wee out of it with an EFI pump and a carb.
    You would need to regulate the fuel pressure way down to like 5-6psi.

    No need to use the Howell computer on a JY TBI system, but you could I suppose.
    If you're getting the whole system, get the computer and use that with a chip.
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      The Howell computer IS a GM 7747 ECM

      If you need/want a second computer PM me, I have have a spare with the chip mod done & tested