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    Originally posted by scout4bta
    I'm speaking from owning 3 Dodge Diesel trucks. My first Diesel conversion, 20 years ago was with Cummins 4BTA into a 1980 Scout.

    These are my thoughts on using a Cummins B series for the Conversion.

    Your Fuel milage may vary. Expect low 20's to high 20's. I've got 20 years of driving my Scout with a 4BTA, 5 speed trans and that's what I averaged. It had a 40 gal tank, 1000 mile range. You'll need to match the axle gearing, tire size to the diesel rpm range.

    Power: Love the low end torque. I ran the factory Dana 44's on my Scout with out problems. The trans, especially an automatic must be Diesel specific, the low end torque will tear up a gas trans and the torque converter must be Diesel specific to accommodate the lower rpm. A manual trans needs to be a close ratio to accommodate the narrow power band of the Diesel.

    Cost; Can you justify the cost, probably not unless you have all the "parts" laying around.
    What would you say your swap cost when all was said and done?


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      Originally posted by Junkers456
      What would you say your swap cost when all was said and done?
      In 2001 I bought The 4BT used, was a 105hp with a VE pump, delivered $3000.
      You'll need a transmission adapter, about $250
      Starter motor. $85 and up.
      Flywheel $150 ?
      Clutch cover and clutch disk ?
      5 speed manual trans, NV4500. $2000
      Atlas 2 speed T case $2500

      The cheapest way to go is buy a used Dodge Diesel pickup or a complete power train and you get all the above parts for a lot cheaper. And or sell the 6B and then buy a 4B, every thing will bolt up.

      Note: I had specific time window to get the project running and could not wait to scrounge for used parts.
      1989 GW/91.5 Dodge W250 CTD flatbed/ 06 Ford Crown Vic Police Intercepter/05 Jeep Liberty Diesel.