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  • Diesel Swap Forum - Posting guidelines - Please Read

    In order to keep the redundancy to a minimum, please do a thorough search concerning questions about what might fit and what might work. Feel free to start your own build thread, technical discussion about making things fit and work etc. But please consider all of the Data and threads that are in the stickies before posting. A lot of material has been covered already in those threads, digging up an old thread to keep up the discussion is not a bad idea some times.

    If you find using the forum search engine difficult, go to Google and enter "" after your query.

    We will be trying to go through the older threads with vague or similar titles and changing the titles to reflect the thread content or to make searches easier. Don't take it personal, it will make things easier to find when browsing through pages and pages of info.

    To keep things clear and concise for everyone, please be as specific as possible in your post title without being long-winded.

    As a suggestion put the name of the engine (its cummins not cummings) or type/model of engine but if you use an abreviations use at minimum a 4 letter abreviation. For example: "4bt" is not 4 letters, "5.9", "6.5" or "6.2 GM" also are not easy to search for so include the manufacturer in your title. Try to include in your title "Ford 7.3", or use "Chevy 6.2" vs "GM 6.2" and "4bta" or "cummins 4bta" instead of just "4bt". This will help over time when people are searching for information that your thread may cover

    ***** Please keep classifieds in the classifieds area.

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