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    down the road I'm hoping to pick up a full panel kit from Men in black to put the original interior on and put it back in.

    I'm also thinking SOA from TTfabworks. and the rear kit also. That front end needs an altitude adjustment.

    Are people still going this route or just doing the all spring lifts? I've pretty much made up my mind on the SOA. But it would be good to hear from people that have had them. pro's and cons.

    It's getting a DUI distributor/ live wires next time I'm out there. It came with a NIB edelbrock intake and carb too. so they need to go on also.


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      No experience with either. I'm new to building 4x4 rigs. Personally, I'm looking really hard at BJ's 6" kit. Though I'm with you, I'd love to hear feedback on the topic since I've thought about COA but don't know diddly about adding them.
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        Well, I haven't been able to work on it in a while but have ordered and received some parts. (1). used DUI distributor with live wires. (I'm still very much on the fence with this ). 1 SOA kit front and rear from Tad. and have ordered the u-bolt kit through BJ's. Still reading up on the high steer. opinions would be great. Maybe it will be a bit higher soon-ish.

        I like reading through here and watching everybody's progress. It's cool to see them come together.


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          Parts have arrived

          Well I have received a few more parts but have had little time to go work on it. It's not running yet which is the next priority.

          I have a few fuel tanks and a new sending unit so I may just pick the best one clean the dust out and drop the original tank and replace it before I start on the SOA and steering. I'm still trying to figure out what the best direction to go is on that.

          Any lifted Jeeps I have had previous to this had spring lifts so I didn't have to think about anything but a DPA.

          I want it to have good road manners so a proper steering decision is a must.

          Thoughts or suggestions welcome.


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            I was looking through my pics and noticed this. It looks like and oil bottle. however it's in an awful weird spot for that.

            The line is not center. thats what makes me think it's not an oil bottle. Goldhammer. if you're reading this thread do you remember an item you left tucked under the drivers seat.


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              My guess is the box for the stereo removable face plate.
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                Originally posted by rang-a-stang
                My guess is the box for the stereo removable face plate.

                Rang, that didn't even occur to me. I think you're right.

                I kept thinking weapon carrying case. Maybe a knife.


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                  Well I spent about an hour out working on it yesterday. I cleaned up the interior a bit and removed the roof rack, roof rails and rear fin gizmo.

                  I'm not reusing the factory rack, Ive got an old set of braces from my dads Wagoneer. I've held on to them for some odd reason.

                  And Marc, It was a stereo face plate container.


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                    What a transformation!
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                      that is one great looking rig,....
                      love the color.

                      dave in NC
                      SOLSAKS - dave
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                        Originally posted by SOLSAKS
                        that is one great looking rig,....
                        love the color.

                        dave in NC

                        Thanks Dave.

                        Lots of work ahead.

                        Today I was able to remove some stuff and put in the HEI, I need to thin out the factory wiring to get rid of the ignition module and get the HEI wired.

                        I started removing the intake manifold bolts. I ran out of time so I couldn't get it pulled. I'm putting the new edelbrock intake and carb that came with it.

                        I spent some time figuring out the wiring, some wires to the extra lights, CB, extra gauges have been chewed up. I Removed a lot of the wiring on the fender but kept it all together so I can clean up and reuse or rebuild to keep all of the added lights functional.

                        It's real nice to get a day off to work on the jeep.


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                          Did a little more work on it yesterday. Got the interior panels and seats out. scraped some rust and sprayed it down with water to wash out all of the debris.



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                            More pics. The inside spare tire carrier. That box in the above post is the propane connection recessed box.Drivers floor panSome 35's i bought for it.


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                              I would make a special trip to PDX for that factory brush guard.
                              1979 Wagoneer


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                                Originally posted by Driftwood
                                I would make a special trip to PDX for that factory brush guard.
                                I need to get some good pics up of the front bumper/ brush guard. It is very nicely modified for this Jeep. One of my favorite parts.

                                I'm going to ditch the HEI idea and set it up for the MSD unit that with work with FITECH. So I'm going to have a Davis Unified HEI for sale soon. I've only dropped it in for fitment.