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  • Submit your rig for Readers Rigs

    If you would like your rig included in the Readers Rigs section (at the very bottom of the main page), you can submit it here:

    Please pay attention to the submission rules that I wrote on page 6.

    Make your build thread here, in the Build Threads section.

    Then pick 2-4 good pictures of it, and post in the Future Readers Rigs section linked above, and link your build thread.

    Us mods will make you a post in the Readers Rigs section so we can update it.

    So, to summarize: The Readers Rigs section is not for build threads, and the Future Readers Rigs is not for build threads.
    You make a build thread here, then you submit some pictures and a link to your build thread in the Future Readers Rigs thread.
    Then a Mod will make it show up in the Readers Rigs section.

    Easy to follow. If you make a hot mess of these simple instructions, we'll probably just ignore you and delete the hot mess.
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