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25% off all jeep parts for IFSJA members!!!!!!

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  • 25% off all jeep parts for IFSJA members!!!!!!

    Hey everyone! I posted a few weeks back about setting up a page that listed dealerships that would give IFSJA members discounts on all their jeep parts.......well, after speaking to the parts manager for about 20 minutes, I have the first addition to the Discounted Parts link page!
    Here are the pertinent link details:

    The dealership is Family Jeep, Chrysler, Plymouth & Dodge.
    Chadsford, Pennsylvania.
    The Parts Manager's name is Cludge.
    Discount for IFSJA Members: 25% off all parts
    Their phone number is 610.558.9010
    Their fax number is 610.558.1608
    Their email address is

    Cludge has agreed to give all IFSJA members a 25% discount on all parts that they order from him. All parts must be prepaid (shouldn't be a problem), and the credit cards they accept are MasterCard & Visa. They ship UPS out daily, and they also ship overseas. They are open M-F 7am to 5:30pm, and on Saturday's from 7am to noon. The only requirement is to tell the parts person on the phone that you are an IFSJA or FSJ member, and you will recieve the 25% discount Cludge agreed to.

    Cludge also stated that he can get all listed items, and he will even find the part number for whatever you are looking for. He has access to discontinued parts, and he also can get aftermarket parts. If there is something that you need for your FSJ, and after his mark-up the price is too high, he will put you in contact with whomever he was ordering from, and let you buy direct for a better price. This guy is a great business person, and he looks forward to becoming a business partner with our website.

    In the near future, I will be contacting other dealerships & parts vendors to get more discounts for more items, and hopefully have Adam create a page listing all the vendors & parts dealerships where we get discounts. If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me at Thanks!
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    Great Stuff!!
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      WOW! Thanks for the hard work and time.


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        That's some great foot work there Billy, thanks.
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          Good job Billy. Thank you.
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            Looks like we might have another discount available. Brent of BJ Jeep is going to be opening his doors for business in the next few weeks, and he can get great discounts through various vendors & dealers, all available to FSJ owners. I will get more details in the next few days, and hopefully we can add him to the link page once all pertinent info is recieved.
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              Great job...Thanks a bunch!!!!1
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                That's great. We should all be thanking you! How did you approach the dealer? Is this someone you have dealt with prior to this? It would be nice to get a whole network of suppliers/dealers willing to do this.
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                  good deal! thanks for the leg-work.

                  Can you offer any tips on getting dealers or parts houses in our areas to go along with the concept?

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                    Hey Ryan

                    Thanks for tracking this all down, great job!
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                      Thanks for all the hard work. Like everyone else, I need good parts cheap!
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                        way to go, thanks a lot


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                          great work billy, your hard work will pay off for all of us. thanks
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                            That is a welcome relef, as parts are hard enough to find at times. Good prices are even harder to find. Thanks to all of those who support us and our rigs. I think the best way to show our appreciation is buy from those who support us!
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                              Thanks for the praise, guys! It is appreciated. If anyone else wants to do this, here is what I did:

                              I called a dealership that gave discounts for a mitsubishi car club I am a part of. I asked if they also carried parts for jeeps (being that the Mitsubishi Eclipse was a joint venture between Mitsubishi & Chrysler), to which he said no. I explained that I was a part of the IFSJA website, with over 1500 members, plus there were a few sister sites w/ a couple hundred more members. He said he new a guy at a jeep dealer, and would have him give me a call. When the guy called, I explained that we were looking for a discount on all jeep parts. I told him the approximate number of members, and that we would like to add a link on our site showing others how to contact him. He realized that with over 1500 people checking the website daily, and the availability of a discount, he would generate a lot more business. This is a win win situation for everyone involved: we recieve a great discount, and he recieves well over 500 times his normal business.

                              If you find a dealer or parts vendor who is interested, you need to get several things:
                              The contact person's name
                              The business name
                              the business address
                              the phone number
                              the fax number
                              the email address
                              the website (if available)
                              how often they ship / which shipping companies they use
                              the percent discount
                              and any other pertinent info required

                              We also need to arrange with any part vendor & dealer that the people who call and order parts tell them that they are an IFSJA or FSJ member. We need to have them document this information, so that they can track how much business is generated via this discount program. If after a certain period of time they don't feel that they are getting as much benefit from giving us the discount, they are free to end the discount program, understanding that doing so will mean that their contact info, etc, will be removed from the link page.

                              After having arranged these sorts of discount programs for several years, I have yet to have any dealer or parts vendor be dissatisfied with gaining extra business. This is a fair arrangement, and most reputable dealers / vendors will agree. If anyone needs more info or help with a dealer or vendor they wish to arrange a discount program with, please let me know and I will be glad to help.

                              Sidenote to Adam: are we getting the counter added back to the main page?

                              BJ's Off-Road
                              Your source for '63-'91 FSJ Parts