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  • Sticky post idea for the Classified areas...

    Just a thought. But we should all try and contribute to a thread that lets people read about what to save and salvage if a Jeep must head to the junk yard and can't be sold whole..

    It would be listing, possibly with pic's..likely reduced for size...
    The idea would be everything from large parts down to bolts, nuts and screws would be saved, and stored in a manner that they could be identified when it was time to sell..such as in boxes, baggies..etc.

    1. Carburator and it's parts.
    2. CTO switches.
    3. Engine bolts.
    4. Engine accessory brackets.
    5. Wiring parts/components
    6. Trim screws
    7. Trim
    8. Body panels
    9. Emblems
    10. Seat covers

    And the listing can be cataloged to reflect sections of the Jeep..i.e. Interior, Exterior, Drivetrain...

    Just a thought, because sometimes someone new posts up regarding parting out a Jeep before it heads to the crusher..etc..
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    I like it.
    For now I'll sticky it here and you're in charge of making some type catagorical sense out of what folks post.

    If it works well, then we'll figure out what/where and how to present it.
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      LOL, okay thanks Tad.
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        Thanks Guys....EXCELLENT idea...

        Arron...this might cut into your biz....LOL


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          Armrests, headlight buckets for the round lights, older marker lights, ashtrays, seatbelts, glove box handles if they're still there, maybe an ignition module......
          I see alot of folks looking for those things.
          I think this is a cool idea and would be a neat resource.
          I stripped a j10 once and hardly sold the stuff I thought would sell - it was mainly the little stuff folks wanted.
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            My own personal vote would be for W/T fender flares and tailgate window motors.

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              Smog equipment in good shape.
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                Battery trays
                J truck tail lenses
                J-20 shackles/steering boxes
                J truck driveshafts (they're great for cutting down to fit after wag/Cherokee SOA)
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                  Great Idea

                  What a great Idea. It would really be great to be able to buy original parts at a good price from a fellow jeeper.
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