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AMC V8 Basic Rebuild Thread

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  • AMC V8 Basic Rebuild Thread

    I compiled every detail that I could think of into one thread for a basic AMC V8 Gen 2 and Gen 3 rebuild which does not include the AMC 250, 287, or 327 V8's.
    This is the basics so differences in years and cubic inches doesn't even matter.
    I thought that I would post up the entire rebuild to make note of all the details to watch out for when...
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    Bookmarking that.

    You ever think about writing a book?
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    High quality junk here: intro thread and slow build thread

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      I tried to post that thread so that someone could make some type of Service Manual out of it if they wanted to. I wouldn't know how to do that myself.
      The Squeaky Wheel gets replaced in my world