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  • New guy in NoVa

    Hey guys just joining up here. Just picked up a 78 Wagoneer. Had a 74 Cherokee back in highschool and had to fill that void again.
    Wondering if there are any NoVA/DC people on here?

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    Without the space I first thought you were living in a Chevy!
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      There are a few of us about 2.5 hours south of you. Post up some pics of the new Jeep!! We are planning a trip out to the George Washington national forest this spring. You should come along!
      Currently FSJ-less. For the second time...........


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        Hey Gas, that sounds pretty good. 2.5 South sounds about the tidewater area?
        I just picked up this 78 Wagoneer/360/35's, with what I'm told is 8 inches of lift. Looks like about 3" of body and the rest is suspension. I need to fix the QT transfer and also the front pinion gear. Should be interesting... Hope to have it on the road soon, baring any issues. Suggestions and insight are welcomed.

        Here's a quick pic. post more soon. ok, gotta host the pic somewhere...update in a bit.


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          What's wrong with the QT? I might be able to get you a good deal on a used one. I'm going to be in the Manassas/Woodbridge area next weekend.


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            PM sent


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              Welcome from Falls Church. Only a few of these beasts in the area. I know of another guy nearby that has a 73. Mine is still in pieces (see signature). Let me know if you need some help.

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                What's up Ed? I grew up in Falls Church. Nice to know there are a few old rigs around.
                Currently have the QT out and need to source a front axel.


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                  78 Cherokee Chief in DC

                  Hey there,
                  I'm real close to you - DC. Have a 78 Chief.
                  Did you resolve the TCase issue or did you pick up a new/used?
                  Still breaking in my TCase from rebuild... not sure where it stands yet...

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