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    Hello everyone, CherokeeOwner here, this our 1988 Grand Wagoneer. It's all stock and everything inclunding the rear defroster works. I bought it on Ebay in 2011 from the PO in Oregon. His wife was pregnant, he was going to school and working so he was forced to sell it. I had him send pictures of the frame and underbody. He also sent me his number if I wanted to talk about the truck. The minute I saw the pics of the underbody, I hit the "Buy It Now" button. He called me after I had bought it and asked if I really wanted to buy it, because he'd been burned in two previous deals. A guy was offering to buy it locally for less money than he was asking on Ebay. I told him tell the guy too bad, I already bought it on Ebay and gave you your asking price, it's mine now. He asked what my plans were for the truck and I explained that the truck would be carefully maintained but it would stay stock. My wife and I had been looking for the right GW for five years. We almost bought another but she chickened out at the last minute and regretted it ever since. He explained that he had turned down local offers for the truck before because in his words "Some kids who wanted to cut it up or ruin it."
    I found a vehicle transporter not far from my house and made the arrangements. My wife kept saying "What if we don't like it?" I told her we could sell it for more than the cost of the truck and shipping so it will be fine. The transporter called and my wife picked it up and called me as she was on her way home "It's nice, it's in beautiful shape even the guy at the terminal said he's never seen one this nice." She must be happy with it she tells everyone that it her Jeep. We even used it as our Christmas card this year. people comment wherever it goes. The main thing I hear is that had to come from out of state." or "No way that Jeep has spent it's whole life in Michigan." I drove it to a car show to meet a buddy and parked it in the non show section. A guy with a car in the show came over looked at it and said park it in the show line, it deserves to be over here. I did and people were all over it. I've owned all kinds of cars and trucks but this one is the best and clearly the most fun so far.

    Just like all the others, this Waggy was born in Toledo, purchased by the original owner Millard Ickes who lived in Idaho. Millard left the the signed manual in the truck and it managed to stay there all this time. I tried to locate him about the Jeep but I found out he had passed away. I did manage to track his brother down. He remembered the GW and commented that Millard needed something that would pull a horse trailer so he bought the Wagoneer. When the GM diesel cars came out, he bought an Olds diesel wagon as a replacement for the Wagoneer and regretted that decision. We talked for just a few minutes and he confirmed the information that I found on the internet was true and that was his brother. I thanked him and then hung up.

    Millard was an interesting person and quite the business man here's some info about him;

    2000 Infinity QX4, 3.3L, MPFI, 4 speed auto, 2 speed Nissan tcase, Unibody, IFS front, 4 link rear solid axle with 255-70/16s


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