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Get your 2008 Ouray shirts HERE!

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  • Get your 2008 Ouray shirts HERE!

    It's finally time to order your shirts! Here is what you do: you must preorder and prepay or you won't get a shirt! I am not ordering extras because I don't want to pay for extra shirts that nobody wants. If any of you want to order a couple extra to try to sell at the Invasion, that's fine with me. The deadline right now is Friday June 27th, subject to change so order sooner rather than later! That means I need your order and money by then, not that you need to send it that day! Due to PayPal limits, I greatly prefer you mail a check or money order (please remember to fill out the money order!) to me along with your order and your screen name. Send it to:
    BethAnn Reid
    1051 County Road 231
    Auxvasse MO 65231

    If you absolutely must use PayPal, you need to PM me for my email address and please do not use any payment method other than transfer from your own PayPal account or I can't accept it due to fees and credit/debit card transaction limits.

    That said, on to the good stuff! Here are the logos, they will be full-size images front and back (the passes and elevations go on the back), I may have some examples on other shirt colors in the next couple days.

    Please keep in mind that you should order light or medium colors! If you order a dark color (black, navy, dark green, etc.), the logos will not show up well. I can't be responsible if it doesn't look good, so please keep that in mind when you pick your colors.

    Donation to Ouray Mountain Rescue will be approximately $3-4 per shirt, depending on the number of shirts sold. If we order more than 50, we get a price break and Mountain Rescue gets more money. I will take a check to them sometime the week of the Invasion, anybody who wants to tag along is welcomed to do so.

    The goods:
    For the ladies (different style than last year's, these are a bit roomier):
    Ladies long sleeve shirt, view it and pick colors and sizes here:

    Ladies Short sleeve shirt, view colors and sizes here:

    For everyone:
    Long sleeve shirt, view colors and sizes here:

    Short sleeve shirt

    Hooded sweatshirt

    Prices: (tax included)$16 for short sleeves, $19 for long sleeves, $25 for hooded sweatshirt. For XXL add $2.15, for XXXL add $3.22, for XXXXL add $4.30. If you need your order shipped, it will be after the Invasion, please add $6 for 1-2 shirts, $12 for 3-5 shirts.

    I will update this thread as I get orders, so if you don't see your order and you think I should have it, PM me. Any questions, PM me. Also please keep in mind that it is not possible to offer every single shirt style and color, so if you don't see what you want, I apologize but I hope you can still find something you like enough to order!

    Come see me in site 47c to pick up your shirt at the Invasion! We are arriving sometime Sunday evening and will be there until the following Saturday morning.

    Now support Ouray Mountain Rescue and start ordering your shirts!! Thanks.
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    Here is where I will post orders I have received (that have been paid), so check back to this post, it will be updated almost every day.

    Tad- 6 XL short sleeve (3 aloe, 3 charcoal)
    Janie- 2 short sleeve white, 1 M 1 XL (to be shipped)
    Phil- 2 short sleeve, 1 2XL, 1 L, 2 long sleeve, 1 2XL, 1 L, all heather grey
    Pitbull-Lady- Long sleeve river blue, L, hooded sweat, Texas orange, L (to be shipped)
    Shimniok- (3) short sleeve L, cactus green, carolina blue, mandarin orange
    fulsizjeep- 3 XL Ts - 1 violet, 1 river blue, 1 hot pink, 2 XL long sleeves - 1 river blue, 1 heather grey, 1 XL hoody-sand
    firecaptain13- 1 2XL short sleeve Cactus Green,1 2XL short sleeve Heather Grey, 1 2XL hooded sweatshirt, sport grey
    kennyh- 1 XXL Short Sleeve Carolina Blue, XL Short Sleeve mandarin orange,XL Long Sleeve Aloe, XL Hooded Sweat Shirt Sand
    RiverRat and SVO42- ladies long sleeve sky M, ladies short sleeve cactus green M, hoodie carolina blue L, short sleeve gold XL, short sleeve cactus green L, short sleeve rose quartz L
    MarkWilde- short sleeve heather grey L, short sleeve red L, hoodie heather grey XL, Ladies short sleeve red S, Ladies short sleeve red M
    Rainman- Med, short-sleeve, ash, Med, short-sleeve, Caribbean blue, XL, short-sleeve, mandarin orange
    lstoltenbe001-Medium Ladies Charity Pink, Large mens Heather Gray, Small mens Heather Mandarin Orange,
    XXL Mens Heather Gray, XXL Ladies Charity Pink
    men in black- short sleeve heather grey XL, short sleeve river blue XL (to be shipped) Thanks for the extra donation for Mountain Rescue!
    Ralph Rogers- short sleeve ladies carolina blue L, short sleeve ladies violet XXL
    misfittom 138- short sleeve heather grey XXL, (3)ladies short sleeve charity pink L and (2) S
    Heimeken- ladies short sleeve cactus green M, short sleeve kelly green L, LONG sleeve white L
    Brutus- (3) short sleeve XL- iris, storm grey, red, long sleeve kelly green XL, hoodie sand XL, hoodie red M, ladies short sleeve cobblestone M
    Brizio- short sleeve cactus green L (to be shipped)
    thunderpuppy- short sleeve heather grey L, hoodie carolina blue S, Ladies short sleeve red XL
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      1-long sleeve Heather Grey 2XL
      1-long sleeve Heather Grey L
      1-short sleeve Heather Grey 2XL
      1-short sleeve Heather Grey L
      $74.30 chk to be sent shortly

      thank you young lady
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        Alright Phil! Off to a great start already.

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          Glad to support! Send check shortly.

          1-Long Sleeve, River Blue, L
          1-Hoodie, Texas Orange, L
          1-shipping (I'm stuck in VA for the month )
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            Ok, I'm a bit confused.
            4 XL
            Short Sleeve
            I'll pick them up there (I think I am snoring pretty close to 47C anyway).
            $95 sent via PayPal (that should cover the hit).
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              1-short sleeve Heather Grey XL
              1-short sleeve River Blue XL

              I'll send $45 for shirts,shipping,(little extra for M/R)
              by paypal

              Can I get mine signed or dragged though the mountain mud
              oh I forgot one pack of Lucky Strikes.

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                3 XL Ts - 1 violet, 1 river blue, 1 hot pink
                2 XL long sleeves - 1 river blue, 1 heather grey
                1 XL hoody - sand

                $111 will go PayPal as soon as we have the funds moved in.

                Thanks for your efforts BethAnn!

                Sean, I have plans for the Hot Pink one if you don't bring the boa.
                Ran when parked.
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                  1 medium short sleeve-white
                  1 XL short sleeve-white.

                  I'm mailing you a check today for both and mailing costs to get these to TX. BethAnn, thank you!
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                    I'm gonna need 1 xxl in gray
                    Then 1 ladies large pink
                    Then 2 ladies small pink.

                    Grand total of $66.15. Will send that out asap.
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                      *SHIRT PLUG*
                      Hey everybody, don't forget to order your shirts! And order them EARLY! Remember proceeds are going to a great organization, hopefully we will not need to call them though. You know you will want an Ouray T-shirt for a souvenir, prices don't get much lower than this!! Don't forget they will not be available for purchase at the event, you have to preorder! Thanks guys!
                      *END SHIRT PLUG*

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                        Approximate colors

                        Here's an approximation of what various colors will look like... (just an approximation based on colors on website, and sloppy higlight/fill -- it is filling in areas that won't be filled in on the shirt ... ) Hope this helps drum up some interest.


                        cactus green

                        carolina blue

                        charity pink

                        heather grey

                        key lime

                        texas orange

                        mandarin orange
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                          1 – Large “Everyone” short-sleeve T-shirt – Cactus Green
                          1 – Large “Everyone” short-sleeve T-shirt – Carolina Blue
                          1 – Large “Everyone” short-sleeve T-shirt – Mandarin Orange

                          so $16 x 3 + no shipping = $48 ? -- will come pick up in Ouray...

                          PM sent to verify total

                          Broken Photobucket image in my post? PM me.
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                            1-L-Short-Sleeve-Cactus Green.

                            I'll send you a PM...
                            Small Scale Jeeps


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                              Hey, thank you for posting colors! I actually got some color examples today from the shirt place, I was having issues with getting the attachments. Here they are.

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