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2018 ECI - Parts and such

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  • 2018 ECI - Parts and such

    Haven?t seen a lot of traffic on ECI as it gets closer. We are planning to be there (and not destroy the YJ mutt this year..).

    I have a few things I am willing to toss on the trailer if anyone is interested:
    1. Set of ?88 D44 axles, 4.10 gears, Aussie locker in rear and LSD in front from a Rodeo.
    The rear has been converted to disc brakes, but i am debating whether i want to transfer the brackets and such to the YJ
    2. Set of 5 late model turbine wheels, grey. 4 currently have very good Bridgestone Deuler 32? tires on them, one has no tire. It was going to be my spare, but plans change.
    3. I also have some stock take-out front axle shafts for the late model narrow track axles.

    I have 3/4 ton axles under the waggy now, so no real need for these. Prices are very reasonable!

    Oh, and i have a hood ornament. Seems folks are going nuts over these recently. If you need one, let me know. I will dig it out and see what kinda shape it?s in, but i recall it being pretty good.

    I am sure there are a few other pieces I will dig out as we get prepped to move.

    Sadly, the GW is unlikely to make the trip again this year. I am still trying to find someone to graft the WT rear flares onto it for me..

    Who else is bringing stuff to keep our rigs running?
    One day I will wake up and realize that my jeep is day, I just know it.

    88Wag, LT1/4L60E/NP242, F150 fuel cell, discs, J20 axles, Truetrac & Grizzly, 3.73
    95YJ, STaK 300, D44's, SOA, ARB's, 4.56s, Bilsteins, 35" KM2's
    50 CJ3A
    77 J-10, 360/T-18/D20, SOLD