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  • ECI FAQ's

    What is the FSJ ECI and how much does it cost?
    The Carolina Full Size Jeep Club (CFSJC) hosts an annual family event, called the FSJ ECI (Full Size Jeep East Coast Invasion). Dates for the event vary from year to year, but are usually held either the first or second weekend of June at the Uwharrie National Forest, near Troy, NC. The event is FREE to all attendees, the club reserves the entire Badin Lake Group Campsite at no cost to you. You are responsible for your own trail passes. We typically do a raffle on Sat, and also have event T-shirts for Sale, cash only for tickets and shirts.

    What happens at the FSJ ECI?
    A typical ECI has the following schedule:
    Thur- set up camp, talk Jeeps, usually a night ride
    Fri- organized trail rides
    Sat- group breakfast, organized trail rides, raffle
    Sun- volunteers clean the CFSJC sponsored trail, Dickey Bell

    Do I need to pre-register or reserve camping?
    No, we try to keep it as simple as possible for attendees. The club reserves the entire Badin Lake Group Campsite, and it is free to camp for all attendees. No reservation is necessary, however we recommend you get there early to get your choice of camping location. Once you arrive, look for the sponsor tent to sign-in, and get a trail map and your itinerary for the weekend.

    Where is the Badin Lake Group Camp?
    From the Eldorado Oupost on Hwy 109: When leaving the Outpost, take a Left on Hwy 109. Just past the Uwharrie Stables (on your right), you will take a Left on 1154. Follow it to the Stop sign, and take a Right on 544. Follow it to the next Stop sign, and take a Right on 597. Take the first Left on 597A. The Group Camp is the next right. If you reach the King's Mountain Point fishing/swimming area, you went too far.

    Are the trail rides mandatory?
    Absolutely not, we understand some of the FSJ enthusiasts take pride in the "show-room" look of their classic SUV. However, if you'd like to join us on a trail ride, we will have scheduled group rides throughout the weekend for both easy and hard trails. Usually there are plenty of open seats, if you just want to ride along. Trail passes are $5/day (season passes also available) for those that do want to take their rig on the trail. Trail passes can be purchased at the Eldorado Outpost (4021 NC Hwy 109, Troy, NC 27371).

    Do you have to have a Full Size Jeep (FSJ) to attend?
    No. While the event is intended for FSJ enthusiasts and sponsored by the Carolina FSJ Club, it is not mandatory to bring an FSJ to attend. We welcome all family-oriented offroaders. We may tease you a bit for showing up in a baby Jeep or Ford, but it's all in good fun!

    Are there any special requirements to drive my rig on the group rides?
    The only requirements are you must have a trail pass for that day and to drive on Forestry Service (FS) roads, your vehicle must be tagged and insured. You can trailer your vehicle to most trailheads for those that have trail only rigs. There is ample parking for trailers at the campsite and at the trailheads. We recommend that any person taking their rig offroad have the following (but it is NOT mandatory):
    -Fire Extinguisher
    -Front and Rear tow points on your vehicle
    -Tow strap, rated to handle the weight of your vehicle. Please, no straps with metal hooks/attachments on the end. These are very dangerous in the event the strap breaks. Please only use the straps that have open-ended loops on both ends.
    -CB or hand-held radio, these make for easy communications on the trails. Cell phone service is weak in most areas with most carriers.
    -Hi-lift jack, Spare tire, fluids and tools
    -Flashlight with good batteries for evening/night rides
    ***Again, these are recommendations, not requirements***

    My family wants to come along on the trails, what should I bring?
    Since our event is usually held in the summer, hydration is very important. Please bring enough water/drinks for everyone in your vehicle to last 2-3 hours. FSJ's have a tendency to break often on the trails, and sometimes we're stuck out there longer than expected, so be prepared. Snacks for children (and adults) are always a good idea. Bring your camera to get some good pics and video on the trails. Bug repellant is always handy!!!

    My family wants to go camping, but could care less about trail rides. Is there anything to keep them occupied?
    Yes, there are many attractions in the area. There are public boat landings nearby to fish on Badin Lake. King's Mountain Point has designated pier fishing and swimming areas. Uwharrie Stables rents ATV's, canoes, and jetskis. Look around, there's plenty to do.

    What's the weather like?
    Usually hot, with mild nights. Rain always is a chance, so bring your rain gear, and ensure your tent can withstand water.

    What kind of amenities are at the Badin Lake Group Campsite?
    Plenty of tentpads, flushing toilets, hot showers, drinking water, fire pits, and grills are all available to everyone. You are not permitted to use chainsaws to cut firewood, so bring your own, or scrounge the forest for broken limbs.

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    If you still have a question not answered above, feel free to message any CFSJC Officer listed below, and we'll get you pointed in the right direction.

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