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Looking for High Quality front bumper (Wide Trac)

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  • Looking for High Quality front bumper (Wide Trac)

    Hi all

    I'm looking for a front bumper for my wide trac. I am restoring it to origninal so I would like to find a really good quality wide trac front bumper.
    I believe they were aluminum but some may have been steel chrome as well. Either with the holes for bumper corner guards or without is ok.

    Thank you

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    I have an aluminum one, it has small area that looks like it was pulled up on. It's on top. Probably could be hammered down fairly easily. Let me know if your interested.


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      I have an '85 J10 front AL bumper with guards and plastic end guards. Nice shape, straight, been upstairs in barn for a fe wyearsIMG_2150.jpg, no dents, you can see it in my avatar!
      One plastic end guard is deeply scuffed, but protected the bumper as designed!
      Paint Side Up!!!!

      1980 J10, Successful Heart Transplant 2016...360-V8, TF727, NP208, 2nd Upgraded Transplant 2023. Had to have a "Brow" for this Beast of a Plow!

      1985 J10, 258cid-I6, TF727, NP229, Rusty But Trusty! RIP 12/1/16

      1986 J20, 360-V8, TF727, NP208, Great Donor for the '80!​​


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        I sent a message for more info on the bumpers so in case it doesn't come through, please contact me... Thanks


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          I would be interested in whatever bumper he doesn’t get if he gets one. I am also in Wisconsin and looking for a j10 front bumper. Thanks!