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'82 Wagoneer trans,Tcase, axles, body parts

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  • '82 Wagoneer trans,Tcase, axles, body parts

    Here is what is left of an 82 Wagoneer. This was a complete and driving rig but floor and rockers are so rusty that it became a donor.

    904(I'm 90% sure that what it is, maybe someone can confirm) and 208 case. Both in good working order trans shifted good, was told by PO that the case had been rebuilt. I don't have paperwork to prove it but I did find an old chain and bearings in the back of the truck. $150 for the pair.

    Dana 44 front and a 20 rear. Both were operational and didn't make any weird noises. $125 for the front and get the rear for free.

    Wagoneer carcass. THE DRIVER DOOR DOES NOT GO. Anything else you see can be had. rust all in the rear floors and rockers but that's about all. Rear doors are nice as is the rear gate. Gate does not have a glass in it but I have a gate from a 74 cherokee with power window that can be bought if the glass is the same. Maybe someone can confirm? I do have the front aluminum bumper. All the trim looks nice. Basically no interior other than some headliner widgets. Frame has had some past repair around the gas tank area, not great, not terrible. Just let me know what you need and Ill see what kind of shape its in.

    I will check this thread and PM's as much as possible but I would really just prefer you text me. I'll get back with you as soon as I can. North Alabama 35640.
    Thank you.
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    dang, kinda looking for a Gwag body to make a RV trailer. Just need a body but with all doors and front clip. Good luck with parting
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      Saw a fella in Alabama awhile back talking about he was finding a lot of old Waggys, and feeling out some way to market them to New England states where the salt eats them up so bad.
      Maybe a little drive, but perhaps he has one for your camper project?
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        What's the frame look like?
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          Do you still have the axles?
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            Do you have the a/c hoses and s-shaped tube from the condenser to accumulator on the ‘82
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